Pinterest for Boys.

Via on Jun 16, 2012

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I know Waylon loves to complain about Pinterest, and some of it is a little ridiculous.

Like anything else on the internet, it can be a giant time sucking vortex (cough…Facebook…cough), but it can be much more than pictures of vegan cupcakes, Ryan Gosling, inspiring quotes and cute shoes. It can also be a great way to take a five minute break and get a creativity boost.

Also, for those of us who are visual learners (like me) or have more visually-oriented memories, it’s a better fit for connecting and sharing things that we enjoy than text-based social media like Twitter and Stumbleupon.

While it’s often considered a female-dominated social media—with Gentlemint being the male counterpart—the whiz kids over at Bitrebels put together this funny-yet-somewhat-accurate tip sheet on Pinterest uses for men:

via Bitrebels


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