Shakespeare & Real Love.

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As Shakespeare says, “Love goes towards love.”

Whatever we are, we attract, magnetize and draw towards us. Whatever is in our lives at the moment, is because we consciously, subconsciously and/or unconsciously have internally said “yes” to them.

If love were to be a state and not a thing, could we, neither sit here nor there, but just be love? And I further question, could we possibly set up the conditions for the ultimate surrender to this love? Within ourselves and for the person we’re experiencing the love with?

It took me a minute to realize it, but eventually it hit me.

That’s him.

Of course I questioned it. I question everything. Incessantly, almost to the verge of being a fault—but I don’t believe questioning could ever be a fault. Questioning just leads to the answer anyway—so question away. Questioning leads to clarity to then leads to knowing to then leads to faith.

“Question me all you want,” he said. “Test this to see if it’s true. That’s your job to question.” Ahh. Heart drop. Who is this guy?! Who is this person in front of me that I’m falling ever so deeply in love with?

What does that even mean—this ultimate surrender? A place of deep, deep, profound trust and merging. It’s a feeling of one. Oneness. Of one love, of one heart. Bob Marley knew.

Personally, in my own exploration of what it means to be a human in a female body—the more assistance and support I receive from others within my own journey of self discovery, the more of my truest and highest nature shines forth. A woman cannot surrender and embody the nature of femininity fully unless the man has the capacity to hold that space for her.

Only when the man is fully anchored within his own Shiva state of masculinity may the goddess have the room to fully bloom and blossom. Otherwise, it’s not possible nor is it safe to even do so.

When a woman is granted the opportunity to be a woman fully—without having to have the armor of her masculinity on for protection—when a man can play that role for her—what is then created is such a sweet and open space of vulnerability, both for the man and the woman to separately whilst simultaneously experience.

How often in life, when we go out into the world, can we be fully in our own femininity and masculinity? Most of the time, we’re out there playing a balancing act of both within ourselves.

And I don’t mean the word “protection” as in keeping safe from danger– I mean “protection” as in holding up to safeguard. There’s a subtle difference.For danger it’s a must. For a safeguard, you can have it there or you don’t have to have it there, if you don’t want it to be there. You know what I mean? One has super glue, the other—Scotch tape.

So, what have I experienced? Well, a whole lot, that’s for sure. An expanded state of awareness in my own concepts and understandings of love. Healing and nurturing aspects within myself to let go of deep and old patterns asserting themselves into action before I’m even conscious of them happening. Extinguishing limited thought forms and beliefs to therefore engage in and with love in a more direct, truthful and radically honest way.

And the icing on the already nourishing and delicious cake: the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. Making love to and with him feels like…God. Light fills every cell of my body. Absolutely divine.

I don’t even really know what to say. There are no words. As Walt Whitman says, “There are divine things more beautiful than words can tell.” But since we are human and language is one of the main modes of communication within this vessel of a body-mind—here we are. We try.

There are certain things in life that when kept solely to oneself, they are even more sacred. But I guess I shall reveal just a little. I knew a story could be told like this when I read Just Kids, the love tale of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe.

And of course inspired by “John and Yoko’s common mischief, their embrace of the seriousness of whimsy and search for a redeeming kind of simplicity. Those two were obviously matched somehow,” observed by Simon Schama.

Sometimes in life we find the other, that just…seems to fit.

He’s everything I’ve ever dreamed and imagined a man could have the capacity of being. He is the embodiment of every trait and quality I admire in all the great men I have in my life, extracted into one being. Every conversation with him is an outpouring of love songs and soliloquies. Every act of engagement I have with him brings me closer to myself. He makes me a better woman, a better me, a better human.

I’ve dreamed of meeting a man to love and support and to work with, side by side.

He provides me with strength when mine falters. He possesses an intelligence that ignites me. Exchanging breathless kisses into sleep, he holds me silently as we intently absorb one another into the bodies of our souls. Our love leads to one another as we stay fully planted within our own selves.

He is both my muse and his own maker. This love is the revelation of the truest state of freedom. The incandescence of his light elevates mine. The stars were aligned when we met and I hear the angels still calling. He and I, fully destined to live, are listening ever so closely to a silence that will take the rest of our lives to fully express.

Now isn’t that just something? Yeah. He’s incredible. I don’t know where he came from. He just waltzed right into my life, plucked from Heaven down to Earth. Thank you God for bringing this beautiful man into my life! Om Namah Shivaya!

This gives me hope for a new definition, a refined paradigm, an entirely new framework of what a relationship has the capability of being.

Callin’ forth all the Shivas to step up. Men like this exist! Allow the Devis to shine shine shine. And ladies, give the men an opportunity to step up for you, to show you who they really are, yeah? And if you’re a same gender kind of party, you know what to do.

I love you.


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    Wow. Love it. Beautiful.
    we're here, we try

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    BOm Shiva Bom

  3. Lucy says:

    YES Chloe! LOVE it. Love you :) x

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