Robin at NICOE 011

Via on Jun 28, 2012

Robin at NICOE 011

About Lilly Bechtel

Grappling with the question of how alternative forms of healing can address social justice, Lilly has brought poetry, theater and yoga workshops into correctional facilities for the past six years. A graduate of Bard College, she has published in "Field Notes", in the anthology "Creating Behind the Razor Wire: An Overview of Arts in Corrections in the U.S.", "USA Today", "The Brooklyn Rail" and "The Faster Times". Ms. Bechtel is currently working on a book based on the experiences of veterans who have discovered yoga and meditation to be a helpful part of the return home. She is also the creator of Body Song Yoga, a yoga practice whose central offering is a strengthened ability to listen to and learn from ourselves. It is founded in the belief that our capacity to move with greater power and ease in our lives begins first with an acceptance of where we are. To stay connected, join Lilly at: Or to learn more about her previous work with veterans and PTSD research, check out these links:


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