Sit, Stay, Heal.

Via on Jul 7, 2012

Negative emotions are not fun to feel. They hurt.

Oftentimes, to avoid feeling the pain, we will numb ourselves and stop feeling altogether—or we’ll mask our pain by engaging in unhealthy habits like excessive eating, spending, drinking or drugs.

We may feel hopeless or that these feelings will never go away. Darkness, doubt and fear may have become our constant companions.

We may even come to identify with them and hold on to them because it’s all we know.

These feelings can “go away.”

We’re not victims to circumstance and feelings—we are creators and we can choose to be victors instead of victims.

We can choose to continue to allow our negative experiences to create our reality or we can work through these feelings and invite in experiences that feel better energetically.

Although it seems counter-intuitive, the only way for these feelings to “go away” is to embrace them.

There are old sayings along the lines of “What we resist persists” and “The only way out is through”—truer words have never been spoken.

Instead of rejecting our negative feelings or energy, we should explore these aspects of ourselves.

It’s time to get comfortable with our discomfort and make friends with it—hold a meet and greet.  Say hello to the “bad” guys.

These moments are teachable moments and they are an incredible growth opportunity.

We need to learn to sit with our discomfort and we need to learn to stay present with our discomfort so that we can work through it.

Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. Our brains are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. So when discomfort prevails, our instinct is run to like hell. However, once we’re aware of this pattern and our tendency to avoid discomfort—with a little loving kindness, some gentle yet firm guidance, and a lot of patience–we can change our response.

We can retrain our brains.

Photo: April Dawn Ricchuito

Think of a puppy whom you teach to sit, stay, and heel. This is your invitation to sit, stay, and heal.

Think of the warm feelings of loving kindness that you would feel towards a puppy and extend those feelings to yourself. (You deserve this!)

Think of the patience you would have for a new puppy as you’re teaching him new tricks. You wouldn’t get angry because he can’t sit on his first try or because he can’t stay for more than two minutes right away. Not at all!

Instead, you would praise him for the 30 seconds he managed to do. You would delight in the fact that in a few days from now he manages a whole minute. You would enjoy the work of teaching your new pupil as well.

Treat yourself like that puppy.

You know he’s a baby and you treat him accordingly.

As a species, we humans are babies in our evolution as well.

Have patience with yourself. Enjoy working with yourself. Learn to sit with your discomfort; learn to stay sitting, and you will teach yourself to heal. You will teach yourself how to transmute these feelings into opportunities for growth and positivity.

Happy healing journey to you!

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