101 Ways to Have a Better Day.

Via on Aug 10, 2012

One day + one day = two days.
Two days + two days = four days.
Four days + four days = eight days.
Eight days + eight days = 16 days.

You get the picture right?

X amount of days plus X amount of days equals even more days, equals more weeks, equals more years,  equals more L-I-F-E. Here are some super simple, single breath activities you can do to transform the quality of your day. You choose for how many breaths you want to engage in them. That’s totally up to you.

1. Laugh at everything that’s funny.
2. Learn something new.
3. Read a page from your favorite book—not just online—get the paper version.
4. Do somersaults.
5. Smile at other humans.
6. Say “hi” to someone you don’t know yet.
7. Do something crazy that is “so unlike you.”
8. Forgive quickly; it saves energy.
9. Let go even faster; it saves energy.
10. Say “thank you.”
11. Rub coconut oil on your skin.
12. Do cartwheels. Try three in a row if there’s space.
13. Go crazy on a booty-shakin’ song—you hear me, let yo’self get loose!
14. Smell flowers.
15. Pick flowers.
16. Give the flowers to someone.
17. Tell someone they’re beautiful.
18. Tell yourself you’re beautiful.
19. Do something nice for someone and don’t tell anyone you did it.
20. Lay in the sun naked.
21. Take a bath with your favorite essential oils.
22. Take a bath with your lover.
23. Make out—like you mean it! A full-on make out session.
24. Hold hands.
25. Cuddle like you mean it.
26. Say “I love you.”
27. Make up words and use them as part of your vocabulary.
28. Play like you’re a child.
29. Imagine you’re underwater while you’re walking on the earth.
30. Pray.
31. Meditate.
32. Feel more; talk less.
33. Touch more.
34. Receive more.
35. Give more.
36. Be affectionate.
37. Use your hands.
38. Do a headstand.
39. Do a backbend.
40. Do a forward fold.
41. Breathe like you mean it.
42. Do everything like you mean it.
43. Tell the truth.
44. Swim in the ocean.
45. Get out of your head and into your heart.
46. Eat bee pollen and goji berries.
47. Make art.
48. Sing even though you think you can’t sing.
49. Draw even though you think you can’t draw.
50. Cook a meal for someone you love.
51. Sprinkle a little more love onto everything that you do.
52. Make love! More of it!
53. Have more sex with your lover.
54. Oral sex too—give it and receive it.
55. Bite into a lemon just to make that funny squishy face humans make.
56. Read poetry out loud.
57. Spend time with children
58. Spend time with wise elders.
59. Go on walks in nature.
60. Take a cold shower just to ignite your nervous system.
61. Climb a tree then sit in it for a while.
62. Sit outside and stare at the stars.
63. Feel the air on your skin.
64. Give thanks to the moon for shining ever so brightly for you.
65. Make of list of all your favorite things to do then do them.
66. Make a list of all your favorite things and gather them all into a pile. Look at them to appreciate. Maybe even take a photo to capture the moment
67. Take more pictures.
68. Make more memories.
69. Make a list of all the people in your life that you love and see them, call them, send them an email, say hi.
70. Make a list of all the beautiful beings who have touched your heart and tell them.
71. Appreciate the artists and musicians who have found a place in your soul.
72. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted.
73. Gaze into the eyes of others.
74. Receive bodywork and healing work.
75. Meditate.
76. Do asana.
77. Do pranayama.
78. Chant.
79. Be happy! Be free!
80. Say “I am peace,” 11 times to yourself everyday.
81. Say “I am love,” 11 times to yourself everyday.
82. Say “I am free,” 11 times to yourself everyday.
83. Jump up and down the trampoline.
84. Eat fruits and veggies.
85. Make a bomb trail mix concoction.
86. Watch the sun go down at the sea.
87. Burn sage, light candles and incense.
88. Do things that relax your body.
89. Read books that make your spine wake up.
90. Do things that make you feel more intelligent after doing them.
91. Listen more; talk less.
92. Be more; do less.
93. Only engage in what inspires you.
94. Hang out with people who make you a better person.
95. Do things you have fun doing.
96. Write things down.
97. Explore new lands and foreign countries.
98. Go to museums.
99. Wash your bum, don’t just wipe it.
100. Floss your teeth.
101. The secret is, to simply  enjoy every little thing that you do!


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  1. Shawna Turner Shawna says:

    I love this. Must share with everyone!!! Thank you Chloe!!!

  2. That should work! Thanks.


  3. Nana says:

    oh please…don't give me this bunch of happy-go-lucky ready to use "easy" instructions as they so are not-at least 1/3 is involving a partner. So according to you without one my day is bound to suck, right? bah…

  4. loren light says:

    #102 do Nia.

  5. Ricky says:

    #99 for that all day fresh feeling ….LOL

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  7. blackhat says:

    Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to mention that I’ve really loved surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!

  8. Vicki Mah says:

    I'm glad that you have listed Craniosacral Therapy. I do that on clients and have found it helpful for removing stress and pain. It is a great modality!

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