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Kilgus dairy tour

About Grant Kessler

Grant grew up a picky eater, surviving on peanut butter until a year spent living abroad in high school expanded his food interests. Okay, mussels were still weird, but the emergency stash of peanut butter went largely unused. With his growing love of food and cooking, he became a freelance food photographer based in Chicago, working with chefs in the top restaurants. For years he chased their styles in his own cooking, creating elaborate meals at home and for friends. But as he became exposed to produce from farmers markets and the thinking behind buying local, in-season foods, without packages and from people with names, he realized simpler is better. Grant knows exactly where 95% of what he eats comes from, how it grew, how it was raised and by whom. His blog MyFoodshed delves into local food, backyard gardening and more and he hopes to learn more about the complex food system via his One Hundred Meals project. You can follow Grant on twitter at @OneHundredMeals and @GrantKessler and find One Hundred Meals on facebook.


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