Ben Taylor: Listening.

Via on Sep 5, 2012


As a writer, I’ve been asked why is it that a have periods of silence, when I write nothing.

Sometimes, it is hard to find what to say when everyone is speaking at the same time. Sometimes, it seems anything I say would just add to the noise and echo into everybody’s world of chaos. So I stop writing. I go silent and just listen for a as long as it takes.

In this saturated world of media there is so much being said about the many quests to find enlightenment, about the so many “secrets” on how to find “the  right way,” that silence becomes the only refuge for clarity and the comfort of pure sense of Self, or better said, a sense of Self that is pure.

Until one day, I stumble with words that speak of familiar stories in a refreshing, simple, honest new way. My inspiration smiles and sighs in relief, and I start writing again.

Ben Taylor’s new record “Listening” is simply wonderful. In beautiful words, Ben takes us through a journey of self discovery, awareness of others, love, departure, truth. His songs speak with clear understanding of  those universal values that touch everybody’s life at one moment or the other.  With a grand vow to life, Ben sings to us from that place that we all feel, the heart.

In his newest album “Listening,” Ben’s melodies are an example of what songwriting really is, its qualities are bound to succeed.  An achievement of the artist’s greatest desire to be played over and over without tiring the listener, instead provoking a romance with each song that is meant to last and only gets better. The instrumentation and arrangement of this record is beautiful and of great taste. A grounding sound, great musician performance, with that musical aura we recognize as timeless.

This record has been done with love. You can feel it, you can sing it, you can recognize yourself in it. Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful.

Thank you Ben Taylor for the inspiration. Bravo!




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