Orgasms, Elections & 50 Shades Of.

Via on Sep 7, 2012
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Gossip, sex, pop culture, rinse and repeat.

With all that our senses are bombarded with on a daily basis, I figured I’d take this moment to check in and see when the last time you took a conscious breath was, or told someone you loved them mindfully, took a second to appreciate you for you, or performed a random act of kindness?

It’s easy to get lost in our day to day lives, take things for granted and forget to be grateful, so here’s my humble attempt at a friendly reminder. This very moment holds absolutely everything within it.


Friday Bonus!

Here’s Krishnamurti dropping some knowledge on the topic of “Who Am I.” It’s seven minutes and forty five seconds well spent in my humble opinion. Shine on you crazy diamonds!

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