How to Manifest the Love of Your Life: Just Ask. ~ B. McClaskey

Via on Oct 21, 2012

The motion and the movements are familiar. I know what it is to strip my clothes off and stand naked in the presence of a man.

I’ve absorbed being gazed upon by an audience of one. The audience is a collective of the great masculine. It is a gathering of all my lovers. It is the memory of my virginity ravished with a savage taking.

I’ve explored the edges of my sexuality time and time again. So, as we engage our flesh in the perfunctory grammar of fucking, a familiar wish arises—stay with me. It is my invitation. It is where I surrender all my bounty. And I long for it with the same intensity that I thirst for climax.

As a creature of the earth, articulating this invitation with my body feels natural. And you accept it every time you enter me. Every time your windblown flesh becomes firm like ancient oak, I feel you root in me. You receive my body. But, the barriers of our union are permeable.

So, I offer the invitation again. Stay with me.

If you linger past the moment of release, I will expand myself into the places where we are most wounded. It is a place of callused defenses where the truth of who we are has remained in exile.

Let’s blaze a trail through the bog of judgments and condemnations until we find acceptance. Allow me grace as I cut myself on the jagged edges of my projected rejections. Let us bring our shadows into the light. Rise with me like the dawn into a supple awakening. Let’s heal our denial of needs together.

I’m beckoning to you with more than the formality of contorting ourselves into a perfunctory commitment laden with inferred expectation. Rather, I’m requesting a conscious agreement.

I’m asking for your loyalty in that we define what that means through abundant communication. This communication then gives rise to connection, which then allows for an indomitable current of respect, love and validation to flow between us.

My invitation is not unique in that this type of request is often coupled with riding the edge of suffering and hope with fervent vulnerability. I’m asking to be held in the context of a complete human being—full of feelings, desires, and imperfections.

I am offering you pleasures that extend far beyond the reaches of orgasm. Yet, they are born of the same creative energies.

I’m offering the ability for you to bring new life into this world with your progeny. I offer perspective on the ways you view yourself. I’m coming to you with a willingness to collapse my defenses so that we can be the kind of people the Universe smiles upon.

Moreover, I’m asking you if you can hold what I am offering with the gentle hands of a father cradling his newborn child. Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

Because there will be challenge. There will be emotional barricades that give rise to frustrations. There may even be futile arguments that occur as we clamber over who is more right in an attempt to reassert our autonomy inside our singular identity as a couple.

With unadulterated lucidity, I am expressing my hopes and dreams to you in hope that you will accept them as extensions of my abiding love.

As a creature of the stars, I know I am love. Love is always inviting me into its fold. I echo its charge, “Stay with me.” And like so many star struck lovers, I’m filled with trepidation and hope as I wait for your reply.

Will you accept my invitation?



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About Rebekah McClaskey

Rebekah is an intuitive (psychic) relationship counselor. Essentially she helps people solve their big life problems including but not limited to "Why am I here", "How can I get what and where I want", and all other things psychics, therapists, and coaches tend to tackle--AKA, existence. You can follow Rebekah & Breakup Rehab on Twitter, here. Rebekah published a no BS book for the relationally challenged called: Break-up Rehab: Start Over Stronger. The book is available to download or or purchase on Amazon & Not only can you buy this rad book, you can also connect with Rebekah at her website, on Facebook page and on Twitter. If that wasn't enough, she also hosts skype and phone sessions. Rebekah currently resides in Encinitas, CA.



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  1. McCall says:

    Altough a very lovely article I feel the title is misleading…..

  2. Pirate J.o.h.n. says:

    its a lot of words about you saying women don't ask in words, they "manifest" by saying nothing, getting naked, and then its there presumably standing for them… sounds like an accurate portrayal. definitely not a tutorial on manifesting though, this is called "being there already"

  3. Daniel says:

    I like this. a lot. Thank you.

  4. priya says:

    this is beautiful, thank you

  5. veda says:

    Skillfully and majestically poetic and emotional. Very thought provoking. I truly appreciate it.

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