Meditation, My Teacher & Awakening the Heart.

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He’s been coming up a lot in conversation lately.

Which makes sense. It is our anniversary that is coming up after all. October 23rd is the day.

It’s been one a hell of a journey—getting here, to this moment. Heartbreaks, heartaches, heart openings, heart cleansings, heart purifyings and most of all, heart healings.

And what do I attribute all of this to? What was the catalyst? What was the vibrational signature that consented to the unfolding of my moment-to-moment, day-to-day life?

My meditation practice.

Receiving the practice. Learning how to meditate. Meeting my meditation teacher. Initiation.

I’ve had many people take on the role as “teacher” for me in my lifetime. A myriad array of different subjects and studies, some very inspiring and beautiful human beings who showed me either what I had the capacity to become or in a less fortunate case, what I never wanted to be.

I’ve had teachers in the past who have taken advantage of the sacredness of their role within the student/teacher dynamic for sure. Those who have tried to manipulate the energy and play power games, those who have diminished me when they began to feel small, those who tried to have sexual relations with me and those who have tried to block my way when I started my journey to rise. That whole subservient, “you know the answers, let me fall down to my knees and worship you and also–enable you to disempower me for the validation you need for your own ego” game was never very interesting to me. It’s weird, feels dirty and well, in the end it broke my heart a little bit. But oh boy, did I learn. I made a vow to never be like them.

My meditation teacher was the first embodied human being I met to show me the direction in which I wanted to go. All the stories of the rishis, sages and yogis in India I had read about in the texts and books…well, I wanted to find my teacher too. I was getting ready to jet off to India when he came into my life. Finally, someone who was walking towards the same luminous quality of what I was so drawn to and so deeply desired to be closer to it. Finally, someone who actually sees me fully and is operating from a level of awareness I was seeking in a teacher. Finally, someone who had both index fingers, on both hands, pointing to the moon.

The first person to make bright, my ever more apparent light. One who fully supported and held the space for my growth and evolution not only as a practitioner, but as a spiritual being walking the Path. His penetrating devotion and unabashed presence showed me the way. A true activator of Light. A devotee of bringing these methods, techniques and practices to heal the human spirit and raise the frequency of the entire Earth by sharing, spreading and teaching this technology of consciousness in which the experiencer can fully drop back in, to their truest nature.

My meditation practice has dominated the landscape of my life. It is my stable footing that is now, unshakeable. Meditation is a vibrational invitation to feel the perfection of your being by the mere action of closing your eyes. I thank him and the grace moving through him to have met and received this ever so cherished gift that is the epicenter to my every breath.

And now? These kinds of people are all over me. Left, right, up and down, fellow teachers, fellow healers, fellow yogis, fellow warriors, fellow servants of the Light. There is a global community of lightworkers reminding all of us, of why we’re here and who we really are. They’re sprinkled all over the globe. It is my greatest honor to call them my friends. Heart friends. Kalyanamitras. In their own creative, individual way, expressing healing, love and truth. And the best part? No hidden marketing schemes—they’re just being who they are.

You mean all we gotta do is just close our eyes and magic happens? Yeah, pretty much. Close your eyes, everyday, with conscious intention, for 30 minutes, twice a day. If that’s too much, 10 minutes a day. You choose. If you want something, you really gotta give yourself fully. That’s where willpower and discipline come into play.

Allow your cellular core to fully awaken and enliven into it’s potential of pulsing vibrancy. I can also say it like this: practice methods to chill out your mind so you can experience what life is like without fear, without trepidation and without anxiety. Imagine what life would be like if you had the key to clear all limiting thought to it’s samskaric core to then have a rich, fertile ground of realistic elements to then live life from.

Meditation will give you the answers you’re looking for. Close your eyes. Look in, look in, look in.



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