So you wanna have better sex?

Via on Oct 25, 2012

So you wanna have better sex?

You’re craving penetrating, deep, ruthless, brutally honest, wild, free, ravenous sex?

You’re yearning for connection of substance, emotional understanding, energetically in tune, rhythmically aware, passionate, sensual, hot and steamy, sexy sex? A true merging of souls? A union of bodies?

You want to fully experience what making love really means?

Well, if that’s what you want, if that’s what you’re striving for—here’s what ya gotta do: get really down and dirty, deep and dark, plunge into all that is you and…

get real, get honest.

That’s intimacy.

Trust, intimacy and great sex all go together.

If you’re done having sex that’s a mere left, right, thrust here, thrust there, physical maneuvering of sorts and instead are desiring a sexual connection with more substance, color and quality, you just have to do one thing: tell the truth.

First, to yourself and then to your partner. Your partner hopefully is the person whom you are able to trust the most to be able to do this exploration with.

Dive into all your fears, weaknesses, struggles and faults. Investigate the chambers of your darkness and then here’s where you take it to the next level: you share it with your beloved. You allow vulnerability to come into the equation. You stand naked in all your glory, everything that makes you, you. Not just your light, but your darkness. That’s where the nectar’s at. You stop pretending to be perfect and beating around the bush of what you really want to say, and you just say it. You stop hiding from what’s really underneath the surface and let it all show.

When you do this, especially with one you may be in a sexual relationship with, you get unapologetically raw, honest, authentic and real. You finally feel safe enough to not only see it in yourself, but have your partner see you too. Once the shield of protection drops, you no longer have the sensation of needing to feel safe. Instead, your inner domain automatically knows and sends your body a signal that everything’s gonna be okay—that in truth, you’re actually already safe, which gives you an even deeper freedom to be more fully in the moment and engaged in the pleasure and delight of sexual intercourse.

When you can get out of your head about any unresolved issues that you may be holding onto from the past, and slowly slowly, begin to heal, I promise you—you will have, and continue to have, the best sex of your life.

Here’s some more variables you can throw into the equation:

Start to incorporate pranayama and mantra and watch it rise to yet again, another level. Once you get rolling with that, play with the energy with your partner. Experiment and have fun. Stop trying to control and instead, let the energy take you on a ride.

I want you to have the best sex of your life. I want you to have the highest possible intimacy and emotional connection with your partner. I want you to have complete freedom and healing from your past so you may continue living fully in the present moment.

Start gettin’ honest, continue doing the inner work; devotion and skill won’t hurt either.




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