Unconditional Abyss.

Via on Oct 2, 2012

It was the rigorous climb
beyond the mind
that curled my toes
onto the rocky edge.

At peak
the view was limitless
The Way


Hands at pray went first.
Off balance
body arched
toes released.

In swan dive
I opened to silence
plunging into wet abyss.

suspended in bubbling brew
I breath vapors
and endless give and take.

Everywhere I look
I am
Unconditional Love.


By Alexandra Folz

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About Alexandra Folz

Alexandra Folz has a Master’s in Nursing and is the author of The Heirloom Trilogy~Indigo’s Bracelet, Indigo's Crystals and Indigo's Wings. These children’s chapter books share a mystical secret with kids and parents about self-awareness and its ability to reveal one’s inner wisdom, build self-esteem, and encourage spiritual enlightenment. Alexandra dedicates her moments to motherhood, spiritual exploration, writing, holistic healing, intuitive readings featherinsight.com and Hospice. indigosbooks.com / facebook.com/IndigosBooks / Twitter


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4 Responses to “Unconditional Abyss.”

  1. Amazing. Pure. Honest. Loved it.


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  3. […] Accepting yourself begins with unconditional love. […]

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