Why San Francisco is the Best Yoga City in the World. {Video} ~ George Mihaly

Via on Oct 14, 2012


San Francisco marches to it’s own beat.

What better way to understand the pulse of San Francisco than through the wisdom of it’s most inspiring yoga teacher, Les Leventhal, and the world’s greatest hoop dancer and fellow bay area local, Shakti Sunfire?

Enjoy this two minute video and you may soon agree that San Francisco is the best place in the world for yoga (and life in general). Namasté.

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George Mihaly is a Portland, Oregon based videographer and yogi. He has made online videos for yoga teachers, wellness companies, and prAna clothing, George enjoys drinking tea, bouldering, and blender chefing. You can watch his videos at www.mihalymedia.com or connect with him on Facebook www.facebook.com/georgemihaly or Twitter @georgemihaly.



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