12 (+1) Reasons Why Numerology = Nonsense.

Via Ben Ralston
on Dec 18, 2012
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Every effing year, for the last 12 years, I’ve put up with this sh*t.

It’s been driving me quietly nuts. Bear in mind that as a therapist / spiritual teacher of sorts / someone who works in this field, I am subjected to inordinate amounts of New Age Fluff.

First they were banging on about the 1st of January 2001. Do you remember what happened on 1.01.01? Me neither!

I guess a lot of people had hangovers?

Next it was the 2.02.02. Hm, what happened on that day? Bit hazy, right?

3.3.03 – You get the picture.

Numerologists must have memories like goldfish! Because every one of these “special days”, when “portals” are supposed to “open into another dimension” turns out to be just another day –

mundane if you focus on the mundane, sacred if you focus on the sacred.

Just another day.

Sh*t happens, then we go to bed.

12.12.12 has just been and gone and guess what – my facebook feed was filled with people rattling on about it. Until it passed and – nothing much out of the ordinary happened!

21.12.12 is coming up and, oh look, apparently that’s when the world will end. Give me strength.

hail and brimstone

Listen up numerologists: numbers are conceptual! The part of your brain that deals with numbers is the same part of the brain that deals with judgement, comparison, and analysis.

Stop conceptualizing everything. Get out of your head. Get real.

Today’s another day – another chance to wake up to the

very real beauty of this wonderful world and really, truly, lovingly relish it.

But if you can’t manage that, be warned: next year is 2013 and there’s no 13th month to fit in to your pretty pattern! Does that mean that nothing special will happen?!

Yeah, hadn’t thought of that now, had you!


Please share this with your numerologist and non-numerologist friends, and maybe we can make 2013 a no-numerology-nonsense year. Maybe…

And feel free to leave a comment – am I being too harsh? Did something special happen on 12.12.12 that I missed? Is the world going to end later this week?!



About Ben Ralston

Ben Ralston is a therapist, healer, advanced Sivananda Yoga teacher, and writer. His writings have been read by millions of people and can be found on Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society, and various other portals online. He has been teaching Yoga for 16 years in hotels, ashrams, beaches, gyms and rooftops worldwide. And he runs a busy international therapeutic practice from his home in rural Croatia. Offering sessions in person or via Skype, his therapeutic work is based on healing trauma, and the tools he uses for this are varied – mainly RPT, Shamanism, and energy work. He has also developed some of his own methods, particularly in the area of abuse trauma; ‘resource state’ awareness; and boundary reconstruction. He regularly runs retreats combining Yoga and other energetic exercises with his therapy. He would love nothing more than to see you on one of these retreats, since he believes that this approach to personal development is really the only effective way of bringing love and peace to global human society. Connect with Ben on Facebook. Read more of his writing on his new website with integrated blog! Yes, he's excited about that :)


20 Responses to “12 (+1) Reasons Why Numerology = Nonsense.”

  1. Eddy says:

    Thank you! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks about it this way… And no, I don't think you've missed something on 12-12-12.

  2. Korumaze says:

    Excellent post – just another day… numbers are conceptual and representative – it's only us humans that put any meaning behind them! I do kinda like it when dates have nice number patterns, though :-) Just for aesthetics sake, mind!

  3. jim bob says:

    um, by the way the most accepted theory with regards to 12, 21 2012 is not the end of the world. In fact there is no indication of this what so ever except by mis informed followers… it is funny to read this rant when you obviously have done little to no research into what 2012 is supposed to represent and what the Mayans where indicating. It is the beginning of a new cycle and not the end of the world lol… what does this mean? who knows. but it is interesting to note that the alignment of stars as described by the Mayans that will occur on the 21st is one that happens only every 26000 years. now that is rather interesting and could be significant. but regardless it is amazing the Mayans could foresee this planetary alignment so far into the future with no modern technology. also it seems irresponsible to discredit numerologists , psychics or other seemingly fraudulent professions when there is a lot that we do not know about and can't explain. I'd say it is not something that can be discounted. just like writers there are those that are legit and some that are sub par… i do like your message "very real beauty of this wonderful world and really, truly, lovingly relish it." you say however to wake up? i would invite you to open your heart and mind that that which is possible and not discount things that you are not informed about… all the best, cheers

  4. DaveTelf says:

    While i agree that people overhype the repeating number days, that is no reason to poo-poo the system of numerology as a whole. The fact is we are surrounded by numbers. Our reality is for the most part encoded into numbers, and numerology is how we understand the energetics of how these numbers affect us.

    As with astrology, there will always be ignorant charlatans who misuse the information, or take one snippet out of context and make a big stupid thing about it, but that's no reason to completely dismiss a precise science that's been practiced for thousands of years.

    Spazzing out about a Gregorian date that looks cool when you write it down is not a numerological practice. I might recommend some basic research into what numerology is actually about before your next content-less, complaint-laden piece.

    I generally love your writing!

  5. braelyn says:

    12/12/12 was World Hoop Day! 😀


  6. […] all the hype and talk surrounding 12/12/12, the end of the world, and recent events I think it is a most auspicious time to look within and make a […]

  7. Raji says:

    Ben! I love your spark…your pizazz, nice! I am a professional numerologist and am totally real, out of my head, so not new agey poo pooey…..and using the vibration of numbers is a pretty sweet and accurate way of gaining insight. Have you had a reading. How bout I offer you a reading…and you can make a decision from there and then share if you still think we should all shut the well, front door. No predicting the future…only skills to help navigate and strategize. peace!!!

  8. Backuel says:

    No, no Ben don't do it, it'll be the end of us all

  9. Maria says:

    I find it rediculous to analyse people through numbers, birthdates, names, etc. Each person is born, grows up and dies. That's the way I live my life. I don't need to be told what I and only I know about myself.

  10. Samantha says:

    This article is talking about general dates that do not mean anything. Dates will not cause a uniform experience in everyone's life, rather people have numbers that are unique to them and that is why they notice patterns with important people and events in their life. Numerology is the study of how numbers affect people's personality and life trends. The core numbers are calculated from a person's birthday and name, these numbers influence personality. There are various predictive numbers based on our name and birthday that help identify themes and trends that affect us in certain periods of our lives.

    Numerology is a tool that can help gain deeper self understanding of ourselves and others. After 17 years of study I have found it immensely helpful. Do you ever wonder why numerology has lasted for thousands of years? Do you ever wonder why all throughout the years people fall in love with the subject and turn it into their life's work?

    Numerology is not like religion, it does not require anyone's belief for its effects to be operating. I have done a lot of research into the effects of numbers in people's lives and the results are quite astounding in their accuracy, some of my future books will discuss this. You can decide whether all of this is just coincidental, or is there indeed a pattern in the universe with respect to the numbers.

    One last thought: Throughout its history dating back to the B.C years, there have been thousands of numerologists all over the world. I wonder why the author thinks he is smarter or more enlightened than all of them?

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