Fly like a Bird: Techniques for Expanded Consciousness.

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Photo: Don LaVange

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

~ Henry Miller

There is a way to see the world in a new way—an ancient way to expand one’s consciousness called “Hakalau” from the Hawaiian shamans and medicine people.

Hakalau is a state of joyful awareness or meditative trance used by the Hawaiian Kahunas to explore and understand the world around them. It increases the ability to perceive, enabling remarkable feats in learning and awareness. One meaning of Hakalau is, “To stare at as in meditation and to allow to spread out.

In Hawaiian shamanic tradition, the state of Hakalau is the process of entering an expanded field of consciousness, widening one’s field of vision and entering a state of trance. Hakalau is one of the reasons why a shaman will seldom make eye contact with his apprentice or patient. The practical application of Hakalau is broad, especially for learning. It’s useful for sportspeople, musicians, dancers, artists, etc. Many creative people use the state of Hakalua to enter the unconscious at times.

Hakalau is handy as a resource state whenever you feel yourself limited, or in need of some expansive insight or new learnings.

Photo: Sky Seeker
Photo: Sky Seeker

Here is the basic method of going into Hakalua:

1. Looking forward, pick a spot ahead of you about 20 degrees above eye level in front of you.

2. Focus all your attention on this spot and let your mind relax.

3. Spread out your field of vision, to become aware of more in the periphery than in front of you.

4. Keep expanding your field of vision.

5. Place your awareness on the peripheral portion of your vision.

6. Stay in this state for as long as you can. Observe any states of heightened awareness or deepened understanding.

Imagine living in an expanded state of Hakalau: intuitive living, in touch with nature, in touch with your nature—inspiration, awareness of the deep space: infinity. This is liberation from limiting thoughts.

Photo: Nopanik

Guided Meditation with Hakalau:

As you willingly read this message, and the words trail whimsically across your screen, feeling your breathing getting deeper and deeper, your journey has just begin. I had this experience too. That’s right. A long time ago, I discovered an amazing technique for personal expansion called Hakalau. 

This changed by life, because not only did my mind change, I also changed my life and experienced a change that shook the foundations of my inner space.

Have you ever had something happen to you when you knowingly choose a path that takes you into the unknown excitement of awareness? You will find this to be a state that shifts the life in you, without knowingly choosing to take this path of enlightenment. This will be like pouring hot water over your consciousness; it will wake you up from the depths of your soul. You will notice your learnings increase exponentially.

It’s easy to change your state to Hakalau, like it’s easy for a bird to fly in the sky, feeling lighter and lighter as you reach for the stars. Now in the sky, the bird will sometimes find itself wondering, that’s right, wondering what life would be like if it knew what it was doing in the sky. The realizations will be learned easier and easier, and faster and faster to match your breathing. Your states will dictate how you watch the scenery around you with open consciousness. People move around all the time beneath you, the bird who watches over you, inside and above, within you—watching, and without you—watching, breathing, it gently comes to rest upon your arm.

Your arms feel heavier and heavier weightless as if in a deep trance, the deepest trance you’ve ever experienced, feeling your whole body’s weight as it gets heavier and heavier. 

To be a bird, this must be something! It’s a delightful experience to fly in the sky, feeling weightless, losing all sense of weight, releasing all tension, and going into the deepest state of relaxation ever as you fly in the sky. That’s right, fly weightless in the clouds.

Now try this, gently, easily, as all thoughts evaporate.


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