The Lovely Liberty of Fighting Freely & the Argument of Guns. ~ Cheryl A. Vincent

Via Cheryl A. Vincenton Jan 10, 2013

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I want peace in the world as much as the next guy, but is it realistic?

It seems that everywhere lately there has been lots of talk in reference to (dun!dun!dun!) guns!

In light of recent unfortunate events it’s everywhere, and while I am very uncomfortable with listening to subjects that have been brought on by the misfortune of others, I recognize that this a huge topic and most people find comfort in these conversation and arguments because they provide a better mental handle on situations that would make anyone feel helpless. So it’s Dems vs. Reps and some Indies in the middle, all going back and forth trying to get their point across, slinging insults at each other and champing at the bit for action to be made on these very serious topics.

And it’s great! It’s your right to freedom of speech. We are supposed to be fighting like this back and forth; that’s the whole point of Democracy and our beautiful Constitution. Our vote, our words, our guns, among many other things, is what keeps the government in check. It’s to keep that scale balanced between ‘The People’ and ‘Them.’

Isn’t that awesome? Our forefathers were brilliant! The government should have a healthy fear of The People? What a great concept!

In light of two rants I read within a day of each other and the caustic way in which they were written, it was enough to push me to want to say my piece on the subject (and I found it to be so enjoyable that I may just do it again but…I digress.).

My husband and I were at a Christmas Eve party and they were on about “Guns vs. no guns” and I said, “Well, when I open up my yoga studio, whenever/wherever that may be, I’ll be damned if some religious extremist decides in his twisted head that he thinks he’ll cleans the world by popping off some godless hippies and decide to walk in and spray some bullets into my studio with my students. You better believe I’ll be packing. Namaste, bitch.”

They got a good laugh but I was being quite serious. Will I have an M60 strapped to my back, Rambo-style, while guiding my students through Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations)? Of course not! But is it possible for me to have a .380 hidden in a secure location that only I can open in the case of an emergency?

Yeah, maybe. I might also have the room arranged so that my students are farthest from the door so I can keep my ears open. I may just lock the door five minutes after class starts so that no one can enter; or, I may not do any of that stuff at all.

The point is I enjoy the fact that I have the option. I like guns, I like shooting them, I like owning them and I like that I have the right to protect both myself and what is mine with one. This world is and has always been insane.

My thought is that the ones who all of a sudden says, “Oh this world is turning so bad!” hasn’t been made aware until now (thank you, technology) of the true horrors that happen everywhere, especially once we leave the protection of our beautiful borders, that there will be people who go crazy, that the world is (in our human minds) flawed, though some may say it’s nature. The strong hurting the weak, so on and so forth. I’m not saying we should lie down helpless and accept it, but be aware of it. Knowledge is power.

While we can try as a society to ‘make the world a better place’ (and I’m all for it!), we need to be smart about the dangers in the world, see the bigger picture outside of our Norman Rockwell fantasy. I want peace in the world as much as the next guy, but is it realistic? Right now? Maybe. Maybe by carrying the gun, you’re drawing the energy of that attacker to you, making it more plausible to be attacked, but no, that doesn’t make sense, those innocents weren’t carrying concealed weapons. So then what?Knowledge will make you free

The gazelle can try and run and turn a blind eye to the lion charging, but that lion is stronger and if she gets close enough, it won’t matter how fast you are or how much you don’t look at it, those jaws will crush your neck faster than you can think, “damn.” But wouldn’t it be interesting, if that gazelle had fangs and turned around to fight?

Whether we believe it or not we are all still in a game of survival, regardless of how civilized or humane we think our race is.

Regardless of your stance on sociopolitical topics, be nice to each other, folks. Everyone has the right to his or her own opinion and you don’t have to go slinging insults back and forth at each other to do it. Think of it this way, how sepia tinted would this world be if we all agreed on everything?


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About Cheryl A. Vincent

Cheryl A. Vincent is a mom, student, and gypsy yogini from Everywhere, USA who loves to dance Bachata in the kitchen and draws on anything and everything if left to her own devices. Though she practiced yoga since she was 14, her recent completion of a 200hr RYT has opened her eyes to the true joy of being in the moment. When she’s not studying or losing herself in a book, she’s plotting her next travel adventure and hopes to always be ‘un estudiante de vida’.


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