Words are Food for our Spiritual Bodies.

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rainbowShifting into the Positive.


Words are food for our spiritual bodies.

Words begin as thought.


Just as food directly influences our physical body, words directly influence our spiritual body.


When we put the right foods for us into our body, we are healthy.

When we put the right words for us into our body, we are healthy.


And the opposite is true is well.


When we ingest the wrong foods for us, our physical health diminishes.

When we ingest the wrongs words for us, our spiritual health diminishes.


For spiritual heath and well-being, what words can we choose that will enhance our lives?


First, what is spiritual heath and well-being and why do we want it?


Spiritual health ::: It means many things. When we are spiritually healthy it means that we respect all life. We honor our differences and see our similarities. We find gratitude bubbling within ourselves. We see beauty all around us and within us. (You may have more, if so, tell me about them.)


Choosing to cultivate these qualities of spiritual heath begins with the words that we choose to speak to ourselves and the words that we choose to speak to others.


Back to the question, what words can we choose to speak to ourselves and others that will help us be spiritually heathy?


First, we choose words that show acceptance (to ourselves and others.)

We choose words that show respect (to ourselves and all life.)

We choose words that show gratitude (for ourselves and all life.)


We can consciously practice choosing these words.

Perhaps we:

~ write little notes to ourselves that are positive and uplifting, affirmations.

~ write a letter to someone who has made our lives a little bit better by their presence, explaining how they did and what that felt like to us.

~ close our eyes and talk to our God, or Mother Earth, our Angels, the Trees, etc.

~ positive prayer in our sacred sanctuary.

~ upon greeting a friend we say, “It’s so nice to see you. How are you today? What’s in your heart?”

When we notice ourselves engaging in negative self talk, gossiping or negative talk about others, we cut ourselves off and turn to the positive. We say nothing or we look into how we are feeling. What are feeling inside ourselves that makes us talk harshly to ourselves? What are we feeling that makes us want to criticize or condemn others?


We stop and turn inward.

Without judgement, we shift into positive words choices.

We shift into positive thoughts.

We shift into the positive.


We notice ourselves shifting into the whole holy beings we are meant to be.


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