Year of the Water Snake: Sensuality & Spiritual Expansion. ~ Jenny LePage

Via on Feb 10, 2013

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Happy New Year! Today’s second new moon after the winter solstice marks the first day of the Chinese New Year.

Last year’s potent Fire Dragon subsides for Water Snake’s subtle yet powerful influence over the next 12 lunar cycles. This is an exciting year ahead, filled with the juicy eroticism, beauty and profound wisdom of the snake paired with fluid, reflective and creative properties of water.

First, a little background.

Like all indigenous healing practices, Chinese medicine is rooted in ancient times when people lived close to the land. They recognized that greatest health is found when living in sync with the rhythms of the natural world. Like meridians in the body transporting chi, alignments of the bigger “points” in the sky (constellations and planets) shower ever-changing energetic influence on us. We do best recognizing and adjusting in harmony with these energies.

The nitty-gritty stellar facts:

Each of 12 constellations dominate the energetic arena for a year each as the planet Jupiter moves through them during its 12 year revolution around the sun.

These 12 signs—rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and pig—are paired with one of the five “elements” or energies in nature: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. This forms a 60 year repeating pattern as each of the animals and elements line up; the last year of the Water Snake was 1953. Additionally, the energies of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) are associated with each of the animals in pairs. Last year was a yang dragon paired with this year’s yin snake. Hence we have the Female Water Snake, also called the Black Water Snake for water’s association with the color black.

This year’s joining of the feminine energy of the snake with the water element is a prosperous pairing for awakening—perfect timing in a tumultuous world.

The snake is commonly referred to as a symbol of wisdom and spiritual growth. Think of the common yogic view of kundalini wrapped three and a half times around the base of the spine, coiled to surge energy through the chakras, or energy centers, in the body. “Kundalini Rising” provides great psychic expansion, based in the pineal gland, third eye or ajna chakra. This year holds great potential for creating a new self or life view, as well as visioning evolution in the years ahead. Wise snake sheds skin, always ready to spring into a new version of itself.

Paired with water, however, change may be subtle and behind the scenes. Like the ocean that exerts no energy drawing all rivers to it, the power of water is in its receptivity. This water year, like any, invites contemplation, meditation and reflection. Change may be slow, fluid—even illusory—and the greatest balance may happen in staying steadily on the path we’re already on in a relatively quieter life. Yet like the intertwining river tributaries, this is also a year to focus on interpersonal relationships.

Love should be juicy!

Snake has long been a symbol of sexuality. Who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden? It was snake who introduced the erotic truth of life, offering fruit with its seeds bearing the very knowledge of life’s ways of replicating itself. Love affairs, passionate romance and love of all sorts should dominate this year.

In fact, this year should provide opportunity for both beauty and mindfulness of all sorts. Along with its expansive spiritual nature, we may find inspiration around every corner in a deep search for the reality behind all things. It may arrive through lovemaking, creating art or pursuing a new educational degree or other mentally focused project. We will likely feel stronger intuitive abilities and may more clearly identify truth and falsehood. Water Snake offers a behind-the-scenes year long opportunity for voluptuous creativity and visionary growth. Yet the fruits of these gestational energies may only begin to unfold in the coming years.

This year’s clarity combined with its sexual nature may bring us greater insight to the very fertility of the earth itself.

During this age of planetary degradation, water and air pollution, mass extinction and resultant loss of biodiversity, seed corruption and world-wide repression of women, Yin Water Snake can help us honor the feminine, not just the female but the feminine nature in all of us and in the planet itself. The wise, sensual and transformative nature of the snake within the fluid and embryonic element of water will encourage us to plant visionary seeds for this planet ripe for change. Enjoy this year of luxurious love in all forms and be open to the rebirth of your truest self!


P.S. Ever the trickster, the snake’s year should also prove fantastic opportunities for fun pranks!


Jenny LePageJenny LePage is fascinated with all forms of healing, including bodywork, yoga, plant medicine, shamanism and Chinese Medicine. She loves wilderness in many forms. Jenny is a massage therapist who recently dropped everything for a love affair (classic to her Chinese horse sign).  Sometimes she cuts her own hair, and it turns out really well.  She hasn’t started a practice in her new hometown yet but you can still find her at


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8 Responses to “Year of the Water Snake: Sensuality & Spiritual Expansion. ~ Jenny LePage”

  1. Christos says:


  2. Jill Barth Jill Barth says:

    Great piece! Thanks!

  3. Joshua Dobbs says:

    I can't help but agree! What happened during the last year of the Water Snake? Playboy. Dec 1953!

  4. ava says:

    thanks, i already started planning a fun prank!

  5. Brad says:

    I thought last year was the Water Dragon…no?

  6. Jenny LePage says:

    Thanks! This was a fun one! You are right about the water dragon…the five elements rotate in pairs so there will be two years in a row of the same element, but the animal changes yearly and there will always be a polarity (yin/yang) shift each year that accompanies the aspect within each animal pairing. And Snake and Dragon are quite a combo! Sorry! This may have been the fastest thing I ever wrote, and I can't say it's the cleanest piece, but I hope it's still fun and useful!

    This rotating combination of the 12 animals, called the "earthly stems" and the 10 "heavenly branches" (five elements matched each with yin/yang) is a representation of the cyclical nature of reality and time itself. The same applies to the body – the 12 constellations correlate with the 12 main meridians in the body, making the whole system a celestial and quantum physics study. It's so cool I may have to do some follow up writing…

  7. Clara Jansen says:

    Yes, last year was the water dragon.

  8. Clara Jansen says:

    Ahhh, sorry, Jenny, your lovely & informative response (just above) didn’t show up on my smart phone before I answered Brad’s question.

    I found it so interesting to read what you just briefly touched on: the 5 elements, 12 earthly stems, etc. Would love to read some of follow up writing on this if you ever have the chance!


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