Lululemon’s 100% non-Sheer Leather Yoga Pants. {Video, Photos} {April Fools’ edition}

Via on Apr 1, 2013

sheer lululemon april fool's yoga pants

Click below to watch the video and order the pants before they’re gone.

lululeather yoga pants april fool's sheer see through

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21 Responses to “Lululemon’s 100% non-Sheer Leather Yoga Pants. {Video, Photos} {April Fools’ edition}”

  1. @shinemercy says:

    This is an advert. There are quite a lot of adverts on the page, for a site that takes paid subscriptions. Making the articles also become adverts seems perhaps a little churlish.

  2. zeena says:

    leather? ever heard of ahimsa lululemon?

  3. Is she drinking Betsy's milk on the mat made from Betsy?

  4. Veganyogi says:

    This had got to be an April Fools' joke, right?

  5. icyexhale says:

    I thought this was a joke, I sincerely hoped so. In fact, what else could it be, really? This would be like making a menorah out of bacon and selling it on HSN. I can't imagine someone unrolling that mat, I mean, unrolling Betsy, in a yoga studio anywhere.

  6. Lichelle says:

    I'm not a vegetarian anymore but still…. "It really helps connect Lululemons guests to the animals on the farm"… It's not like they are going on a field trip to visit a cow, they are wearing the cow! Doesn't that go completely against the foundation of yoga. The point of practicing yoga is not to look like a hipster.

  7. Uncle Sunny says:

    AHIMSA Anyone??!!?

  8. Gretchen says:

    Is this a joke….?

  9. Jane B says:

    lululemon athletica has always been about pushing the envelope.
    This is their parody on themselves and intended as an Aprils Fools
    joke, a very tasteless one indeed.

  10. jane b says:

    The media should also know….since its inevitable they will land in the news again..lululemon is
    spelled with ALL lower case letters . They don’t
    capitalize the first ” l ” in their name .

  11. Her drinking the milk – really makes it a bad joke. It was milk, not water, not tea, that's what makes it a joke .. Come on now, It has to be an April fools joke – either that or they sold out in seconds

  12. paul says:

    what is tasteless is thinking that because you're getting leather (or meat) from well treated animals makes it not just ok but good, which this what parody is all about (besides getting you to their site)

  13. joie says:

    lululeather, unbelievable! Kill a cow to make some yoga pants. this must be a very bad april fools' joke.

  14. lisa says:

    Lame that elephant journal would place advertisement for a company with an owner who named his company something that would make him laugh when Asians say the word and sees no problem with sweat shops and child labor. Lame as fuck, Elephant Journal, lame.

  15. Ahimsa says:


  16. Guest says:

    This is hilarious, lol. Chill out.

  17. Filagra Fxt says:

    fucks? who said this broadcast boring

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