Stay Focused on Your Path.

Via on Apr 10, 2013

One of my teachers once said to me, “All you gotta do is put your head down and get to work.”

There is nothing as more satisfying and fulfilling as walking down the road we chose to walk, i.e. living your life’s purpose! When we are on the path and have a trajectory of a goal we are walking towards, sometimes there can be distractions.

Distractions can be minute or massive—either way, they take up time and space and have a tendency to get in the way.

Here are some tips on how to move forward with grace with strength, tenacity and consistency.

1. Literally, “put your head down and get to work.”

Know your distractions and keep them at bay.

In the beginning, when I was first building myself up, my biggest distraction would always get in the way instead up supporting my vision. Somehow all of my goals and projects would seemingly lose momentum whenever my distractions got a hold of me. I picked up on that real quick and told myself I had to take a pause on play time while I focused on my work.

Aho! And get this: it worked!

Take a break or time out from what distracts you from focusing, just create some space for a while—until you can fluidly maneuver both simultaneously. Now, I have a beautiful balance of work and play.

Keep your eyes on the prize and move forward with constant remembrance of why you’re living, what you’re here to do, and why your soul is here on earth.

Your dharma, your heart’s call, is the most important thing.

2. Let those who need to make noise, make their noise.

Be gentle, soft and silent as you put one foot in front of the other. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing—what matters is what you’re doing. You just keep on moving with trust and faith. Don’t worry about affirmation and/or acknowledgement. Stay detached from the fruits of your actions, the Bhagavad Gita teaches that.

That all comes later on by the law of karma, cause and effect.

Plus, by then you won’t even care about the validation because you receive it already from a different, deeper place of the sole fact you are being granted access to share your work. The ones that matter will see you and reach out—teachers, mentors, peers. You will connect with those whom you are supposed to connect with and to.

Take slow, conscious deep strides towards your vision and trust the process.

God’s got your back and other light workers do too.

3. Move away from struggle; walk towards ease.

In the beginning, there may be a phase of an uphill movement. Soon, you may reach a plateau. Then you’ll start to go uphill again, until you reach another plateau.

Then, from there, you may begin to step at a steady upward incline as you go up, up, up, further along your path. That’s when you know you’re doin’ something right!

When you walk away from struggle, and walk towards ease. If you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, if you’re on your path, doing your dharma, doing your purpose, doing your life’s work, life will meet you with open arms, ready to give, give, give you exactly what you need to step up.

If you have a calling in your heart that you feel you absolutely must respond to, that is your duty. Trust in your heart and let it all unfold.

Don’t rush or you’ll miss out on the all details—immense beauty lies within the subtlety.

4. Hang out with others who inspire you.

Spend time and be in the company of those who give you the space to not only be who you are but also give you the space to be who you’re going to be.

What that means is hang out with people who are doing their own work of furthering their life, their consciousness, their understanding and capacity of what this whole life thing is all about. Ram Dass says, “We’re all just here to exchange notes about our own journey.”

All my friends and teachers—they are my guides—they constantly show me the way. I learn from them as they so uniquely and individually show me who they are and what they’re about. They range from yogis, musicians, artists, photographers, models, chefs, restaurant owners, real estate agents, farmers, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, dancers, chiefs, teachers, etc etc, all walks of life.

The thing about following your heart and spirituality is this: All paths lead to one. There is the one in the many, and the many in the one.

Hang out with those who add more love, light, intelligence and awareness into your life.

And most importantly, have fun!!


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6 Responses to “Stay Focused on Your Path.”

  1. Kimi Marin says:

    Thank you! I am working on all this in my life right now and your article resonated with me in the most perfect way.

  2. Stanka Kordic says:

    Wonderfully put. Thank you.

  3. Eddie says:

    Literally, just do it. Awesome.

  4. Ron says:

    Loved your article! Except for this:

    "When you walk away from struggle, and walk towards ease. If you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, if you’re on your path, doing your dharma, doing your purpose, doing your life’s work, life will meet you with open arms, ready to give, give, give you exactly what you need to step up."

    Often times when you are on your one true path the obstacles that are thrown in your way are so overwhelming that failure and retreat seem to be the only option. The way out? Keep going as the title of this article suggests. It is worth it!

  5. debbielawson1 says:

    I love your article. It was very timely for me to read this. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Malcolm says:

    May we all wake up together indeed Chloe. I've just stepped back on my spiritual path after many years. After 6 months of deep meditation I've reached a place where I can continue forward, and am now struggling to integrate this to work toward being a light worker. Ironically, going deep has become an addiction itself, but I now need to step back into the real world and add my drop to the ocean of the greater good. I needed this. Thank you.

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