A Message to Yoga Teachers, Students, Practitioners, Healers & Clients.

Via on May 17, 2013

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Who doesn’t love their yoga teacher?

Yoga teachers are the bomb. They’re guiding their students in the classroom to feel and experience the empowering strength and unconditional love that engaging in the practice itself teaches. Who doesn’t love their healer/therapist? They’re showing their clients how to heal themselves, awaken their soul and redefine their concepts and understandings of life to a greater and more vast landscape.

As students and/or clients, it’s easy to get confused and place projections, ideas and fantasies of who we want the teacher and/or healer to be vs. seeing the reality of who they actually are. As teachers and/or healers, it’s easy to misuse and/or take advantage of the power we hold when there is a group of people who look up to us. Either way, a spiritual spanking is in order and this topic is in need of clarification and completion. This way of being simply is unacceptable towards both parties involved.

*Sidenote: In this piece, each time teacher is mentioned the context is both for teacher and/or healer, vice versa. Each time student is mentioned the context is means both for student and/or client, vice versa.*

For students and/or clients:

Don’t Give Your Power Away.

When you study devotedly with a teacher, there is a natural surrendering that occurs. One must surrender and be empty to be filled—that’s a given. There is a energetic difference between consciously surrendering vs. giving your power away. If you are blindly following the dogma of whatever teachings are being taught instead of embodying, integrating, questioning and having dialogue with the teachings, you are giving your power away. If the teacher is not empowering you to be our own self-etymologist, they have guru syndrome and a questioning of their intention, integrity and character is in order. Are they teaching to teach or are they teaching to collect students?

Own Your Projections.

It’s a tricky one, this sadhana, this spiritual practice—because it will bring up all your “stuff.” All your baggage from childhood, from past lives, from unhealed experiences, traumas, karmas, etc.—will come to the surface in your practice. That’s the formula; that’s just the way that it works.

It’s a common projection to place your unhealed mother and/or father issues onto your yoga teacher. Of course it is—they’re in a position of authority; they’re loving, compassionate, they give you adjustments, you like the way they touch you, they speak to you from a heart level, they’re present for you, etc., etc.

Remember your yoga teacher is not your mother or your father, they are a human being on their path, living their life and their dharma. They’re not your healer unless you are paying them their appropriate fee to receive a private session. They’re not a martyr; they’re not there to save you. They’re there to teach you and to show you how to heal and awaken and be your own most true and authentic self. They’ve most likely, been on the road of yoga, healing and awakening longer than you if they’re the teacher, and have some information that may be of good use to your own development. Take ownership of your projections and heal them until they don’t exist anymore. As soon as you pop the fantasy bubble, reality will come into play.

For teachers and/or healers:

Misuse of Power and Sexual Energy.

If you’re on your high horse, God will bring you down to our knees—real fast. The sooner you come back down to earth, the sooner you look at your role from a place of grounding, an eye to eye level, the softer the fall. Being eternally on your knees is the best position to be in.

If you are misusing the power you hold that comes with being in the role and position of “the teacher” or “the healer,” shame on you.

Taking advantage of students for an ego-ic benefit is selfish and of low morale. I lose respect for my peers when it is revealed they are having sex with all their students. It’s easy as students to give it all up to the teacher, someone we admire and respect and hold of high standard. The teacher should know better than to engage in such a surface manner. Dating and cultivating real relationship is one thing, but (pardon my french) f*cking around with students on heavy rotation is something completely different. There’s no room for that in the yoga room. Get clear on your intentions and why you teach. Your reputation is what you carry and also what follows your name.


If you’re a yoga teacher, you better be practicing yoga. “I don’t have time to practice anymore, because of my teaching schedule,” has become a sentence I’ve heard 10 too many times. Practice what you preach! Make time and space to give yourself what you need to go share it out into the world with others. Don’t abandon your practice as this is the epicenter and core nucleus of what makes you, you. Don’t stray. Always come back to your practice. Every day. If you’re teaching people “how to connect,” well, to put it simply: you better be connected yourself.

For Both Parties:

Proper boundaries are in order while in such an intimate arena such as yoga and healing. This isn’t a surface level kind of party. It’s deep, deep stuff. Honor and respect that. Move and walk from a clean, mindful and conscious level. Embarking upon this relationship and dynamic of teacher/student and/or healer/client can be sticky sometimes, so as best as possible, be clear and aware of what you’re doing and how your actions effect the collective group.

Teacher and healers, your words and actions have weight. Be mindful of what comes out of your mouth and the decisions you make.

Students and clients: own your power. You are your own guru. You have everything you need. Of course there are always exceptions, to every boundary, to every rule; they can always be bent upon the situation. Use your wisdom, willpower, integrity and intention to guide you on the highest path.



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4 Responses to “A Message to Yoga Teachers, Students, Practitioners, Healers & Clients.”

  1. Marsha says:

    Loved the article until the last paragraph. Boundaries are exactly that and are not bent or modified to the situation. Other than that, great article.

  2. Your message would have far more resonance if – instead of shaming people and making them wrong – you acknowledged that we're all innocent, despite how we might behave from time to time.

  3. Michelle says:

    Thank you, thank you once again…… So well said!!!

  4. Chloe says:

    I believe the time of Kali Yuga is over and now that we're living in the age of Truth, Satya Yuga, light chasing and making excuses for ourselves and for others have come to a halt. It behooves any one walking the Path of Self Inquiry to contemplate the subtle differences between innocence, ignorance and arrogance.

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