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A natural yogi.

He asked me last week if he could come to my class. Claro que si. Of course I said yes.

He lives in my town in Mexico and has had pain in his back for the past ten years. He took a yoga class for the first time in the city a few weeks ago.

Since the injury, this is the first time he has not felt any pain.

“The yoga works!” he exclaimed.

“Si, it does, doesn’t it?” I reply.

He had to ask for permission to come to my class from the people in charge of the facilities. They said no. As the words left his mouth from vibration to sound, that’s when I knew.

Aww man. I just got here.

I say to myself.

Now that means I have to go.

Alright Corazon, I’m listening.

I took him to the top of the jungle and taught him some pranayam and poses—I have to teach him some things before I leave. (Did I mention that I’m migrating east in a couple weeks?)

“Come here,” I motion him over, “touch the tree.”

He touches the tree.

“With both hands?” he asks.

“Si dos manos. “


“Do you feel it?”

“Yes,” he says.

“Ok, now touch this.”

I hand him an ipod player deck to hold in his arms.

“Ok, do you feel that?”

“Yes, feels dead.”

“Si, now touch the tree again.”

He touches it.

“Now hug it.”

He smiles.

“Do you feel the difference?”

“Si, there is a huge difference.”

“Ok, good. Now that is yoga,” as I point to the tree.

“Ok, yo entiendo.”

We smile.

In savasana, he’s already in deep meditation—woah, that was fast. For someone who has only done “yoga” once he’s already tapped into that space. He knows how to access that part of himself—just needed a little help to get there again.

Just because he’s not wearing $120 yoga clothes and can’t do a handstand yet and doesn’t speak the official yoga jargon, blah blah blah, doesn’t mean he’s not a yogi.

Undercover yogis are my favorite kind of yogis anyways.

We finish and walk back to our homes; I take this moment to tell him he is one of the reasons why I’m leaving.

“You helped me realize this is not the place for me—I have to find a place where yoga y healing is numero uno.”

“But that’s what we’re doing now, you found me and I found you.”

He is sweet.

“Si, “I reply.

“That’s why I have to teach you everything I know before I go. So you have the information and can practice on your own.”

“I believe in life, you meet people for a reason.”

“Si, I believe that too.”

“Not everyone of course—we meet thousands of people in the course of our lives. But there are one or two or three that you were meant to come across.”

“Or maybe even more.”

“Yes. It is something I can’t really explain. It is a mystery.”

“I love the mystery.”

“Yo tambien.”

We continue walking and part ways. He has to cross the river to reach his home, I swerve to the left to get to mine.

And so there we go. It all goes on. I’ve got a message to spread and it’s two words.



That’s it.

Waking up the world one spine at a time—in the meantime, we continue walking.



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