A Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Via on Jul 15, 2013
Source: via Jeanette on Pinterest
Source: via Jeanette on Pinterest

I could write a whole saga on my dating and relationship history—I’m sure many of you can relate.

I started off on this path as a lover, but soon came to realize that the purpose here on earth is to simply just to be love. I’ve been with a myriad array of different kinds of people, all sorts, all kinds, all varied walks of life—all with one thing in common, their and our, humanity.

Each relationship and experience providing me for 1. A good story, 2. An expanded definition of love, 3. Maturation and growth, 4. Healing, healing, healing and 5. a deeper acknowledgment of what my own true needs and desires are in a partnership.

I’ve got rhythms and rhymes of tales of falling in love, walking in love and everything in between:

The joys, the laughs, the sweet nostalgia, the shared memories, the courting phase, the relationship phase, the ending phase, the time and space spent together in googly-eyed love, the stillness, the care, the affection, the quiet, the understanding, the grounding, the elations, the highs, the lows, the traumatic experiences, the repeated patterns, the unconscious attract-ings, the ignoring of red flags, the sadness and sufferings, the inevitable crack-ings of the heart, the handful of heart tears and heart breaks, the lessons learnt, the mistakes to be never repeated again, the karmic clean ups, the purifications, casual dating, real partnership, monogamy, polygamy, long term coexisting and exclusivity, open fields and domains, multiple partners, explorations, flings, red hot romance, lust, attraction, repulsion, celibacy, sense withdrawal (pratyahara, sexual abstinence (brahmacharya), making love, connection to spirit, masturbation, sex, energy exchange, honestly, intimacy, connection, vulnerability, conscious engaging, humility, openness, union, communication, humor, levity, lightness, compassion, kindness, listening, space, awareness, mindfulness, heart-centered needs, wants, desires, the importance of the balance and play between surface frivolity and soul depth, one’s relationship with God, really having each other back, being each other’s #1 fan and supporter, to be really seen, to be really heard, to be really understood, to be really accepted, to be really supported and to be loved, unconditionally.

Through my own excavation, exploration, experimentation and search for love, what I’ve come to realize is this: I was looking for love in all the wrong places, outside myself—when in actuality, it’s all in me—it’s all about self love.

The more I love myself and am taking care of myself, the more I can be there and show up fully, for my partner. I am a whole hearted advocate for direct experience and self study. Nothing I say and share with you will be of any beneficial use if you don’t go out there and find out what love really means for you. The Buddhists call this, Ehi Passiko. It means to come and see, to explore, to seek, to define your own definition.

Samadhi is only possible through true self study and reflection, not just as a concept but as embodied integration between the domains of practice and life.

I’m a yogi. I live my life in accordance to my will and in resonance to my heart. I honor tradition. I walk the ways of my Shamanic roots that are steeped in my Yogic lineage. The jungle is my home. I live my life in response to a deep inner call to not only keep tradition alive—but (and also): to make it pertinent to today.

As an awakening culture, the old ways and paradigms of relating to one another are changing. We are now coming into union with not only ourselves, but also, with one another. We’re uniting now from a place of wholeness and health.

The fragmented, unhealthy, unconscious, grasping models of being in togetherness are falling apart before our very own eyes—they just don’t work anymore.

We’re healing. We’re stepping out of old stories. We are realizing that freedom and love, go hand-in-hand.

So let’s talk about it.

Let’s be open. Let’s communicate. Let’s share our experiences, so we can heal, evolve, move forward, rise higher and break down any walls or limited beliefs that are getting in the way of receiving, giving and being, love. Let’s release the repetitive actions of old, unhealed, unconscious behavior and usher in a healthier, more conscious, more whole, more uplifting, more evolved, more authentic way of being together.

Without attachments, without agendas, without expectations, without projections, without any ridiculousness. And when those things do arise (because they will) because we’re human, because we’re all doing our work…perhaps, just maybe we could do it with some surrender and grace, with someone we choose to do it with.

That’s what doing the inner work is all about.

Let’s get out of the mud, clean our shoes and walk in truth, love and light. Escaping ‘the work’ is not possible; so we might as well be doing it with someone we truly love, admire and respect. Divine partnership is doing the work with an absolute willingness.

The ego’s going to want to retaliate and play silly games—the ego is known for that kind of behavior.

No one’s perfect; we’ve all got our stuff. We all have work to do. If we’re still breathing, there’s still work to be done. Love is the safest container to do this kind of thing, to do this kind of healing, to do this kind of work. Perhaps what we could do is honor and hold one another from a place of respect, reverence, support and love to encourage and give one another the space to grow even more.

The following pieces are my humble offerings of lessons learnt and karmas burnt, to hopefully share some insight onto, this crazy little thing called love.

Stay tuned.


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9 Responses to “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”

  1. Renee says:


  2. Ashley says:

    Thank you Chloe for your wisdom, clarity and most of all L O V E!

  3. Yes. Yes, yes and yes, over and over again. I feel like you pulled this directly from my chest – my heart, the throne room of my soul. Thank you, Chloe!

  4. Ian M, Ottawa says:

    WELL SAID!! I've shared this post far and wide, with the hope that this resonates with others as intensely as it does with me. Thank you Chloe for sharing these beautiful, truthful thoughts! :D <3 <3 <3

  5. Jen says:

    Yes, what Jillian said…exactly. Thank you for this.

  6. Arhata Osho says:

    Knowing love is divine. Sharing the experiences is celestial

  7. BruceCasteel says:

    You were starting to lose me for a sec with that long list, but then you totally hit something inside of me that said YES! Love starts from within, you said it!

  8. Bolaji jibani kuti says:

    well said chloe, I’m still working on the self love, but u put it down well, thank u,

  9. Defne says:

    I wrote several paragraphs of this entry in a letter to my boyfriend, crediting the author (!) he was moved and engaged with me in a different and wonderful way. Thank you for having the skill and ability to write what I feel but could not express.

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