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Michael Loke

Bravery is clearing the path for others.

When I met Rebecca Joy, she was a massage therapist who also practiced hypnosis. She shared with me how she was able to heal from growing up in a cult for the first 25 years of her life. When she was finally able to escape, her son was about four years old.

The real escaping though, came when she had to free her mind from brainwashing, her broken spirit and her soul. With a lot of attention on healing, she was able to move forward and help other people by showing them that she has been brave enough to clear the path for others.

I shared with Rebecca stumbling blocks to my own healing. Rebecca agreed to help me using hypnosis. My first appointment with her, I was nervous and my trust issues stood out like a sore thumb.

I had only shared with a few people that I too was in a cult when I was a teenager. I had been placed in foster care around the age of 14, and I still held onto much of the brainwashing from the foster parents. After four years of torture and brainwashing, I too was able to escape, only to find myself unable to escape my mind.

Rebecca suggested some books to read,  as our spiritual paths seemed similar. I immediately started reading her suggested books and soon we were sharing our thoughts about spirituality. It was so refreshing to be able to find someone that I could be open and honest with and not worry about being judged.

I started feeling more comfortable around Rebecca. Thankfully, she was very patient with me and she shared some of what her life was like since she left the cult. During our hypnosis sessions, I learned how I could tap into my subconscious mind and create new truths, letting go of the brainwashing and finally becoming free.

After listening to her, I realized that she had been chasing the very thing I had been avoiding my whole life—love.

I was scared of it and avoided it at all costs, while she was willing to risk getting hurt to find it.

I have a lot of respect for Rebecca because she was willing to take risks. Even during the times in her life that she was looking for love and acceptance outside of herself, she was doing something she believed in. I admire her for being her authentic self even when others around her would sometimes offer unwanted advice or judgments.

I feel that with Rebecca’s friendship, help and her book, Inner Course,  I am able to see how she bravely cleared the path for many of us woman. She put herself out there, almost naked to show how we can heal from inner wounds and become open to what the Universe has to offer us.

Rebecca has endured 25 long years of brainwashing during the time she was in the cult. It would take a very strong soul to wake up to realize that maybe she wasn’t taught truths, but also become super alert to the real truths.

It’s a miracle that she never gave up on herself. She was willing to put forth the effort to change the beliefs that were no longer serving a purpose for her.

I am honored that our paths crossed because I never realized that I held the keys to the prison inside of my own mind. Witnessing Rebecca clearing the path made it so much easier for me to take that first step myself towards clearing the path a little more for myself and possibly for someone else.

Rebecca’s new purpose was about change, personal growth, happiness and love.

I have learned so much about my own path just watching Rebecca clear it away for many of us women. Although I was avoiding love at all costs, I was also avoiding the love from inside of myself. I was a victim of my past and after watching Rebecca, I am slowly learning that I too can be brave enough to let go of old beliefs.

Maybe you weren’t brainwashed in a cult like Rebecca and I, but many have been brainwashed in other ways. Like the media, society, our cult-ure, our country, and even our own neighborhood. Maybe it’s time for all of us to start our own inner course and begin to heal the wounds inside, making room for bigger and better possibilities.

Like, living the life of our dreams.

Loving ourselves so much that we are finally free.

Free to be who we really are.

Free to let go when we need to.



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About Leace Hughes

Leace Hughes began her spiritual journey with a terminal illness. Faced with death and a plethora of dis-eases and medications, she decided to leave that all behind for life. With a lot of attention on healthcare, she had to leave “sickcare” behind. The road was sometimes all uphill, but each step forward left an imprint on her soul giving her the message that life was for the living. She is now dancing to a different drummer and the angel of death has been missing in action. If you find it, please remember her address is unknown.


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    Great story! How long does it take to heal from within using hypnosis or is it different with every individual?

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