Falling Asleep While Julia Sings. ~ Michael Graber

Via Michael Graberon Jul 13, 2013
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Falling Asleep While Julia Sings—A Love Poem

What love does to a body

changes the atmosphere. You say

I live in your heart, literally.

So I swim this crimson sea,

body rippling on the cusp

of magic, a day so bright

its birth song reaches me here.

Too tired to float, drowning

feels right until nature blinks.

You kiss my neck. I feel

smiling through the veil of sleep.

Your voice lifts my spirit body.

I’m breathing under water now.

You know. I don’t have to explain.

Quit smiling. How did you

find your way here, too? I must

have left the gate open. Are we

swimming or dancing? I know this

place, so do you. We’ve reached

our bed in the heart we share.


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Assistant Ed: Ben Neal/Ed: Sara Crolick

About Michael Graber

Michael Graber lives in his native Memphis, TN where he leads the Southern Growth Studio, plays mandolin in four bands, scribes on love poems, and practices being a human.


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  1. Renee Jahnke Renee says:

    Beautiful, thank you!!!

  2. crystal says:

    Nice poem, nice picture of my sons face

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