If Dr. Seuss Did Yoga: An Inspirational Poem.

Via on Jul 2, 2013
Photo: ladybugbkt
Photo: ladybugbkt


Traffic is stalled. The weather is hot.
Your shoulders and hips?
They’re tied up in knots.

The mind is racing.
It won’t slow down.
You’re late for a meeting and nobody is down.

Your computer just crashed.
You lost all you work.
And everybody around you is being a jerk.

Your problems are small.
Do you know this to be?
So many bigger problems in the world
Protests and corruption and greed.

Yoga gods
Pretty please
Lift us onto clouds of cotton candy pink?

Our third eyes are scrambled,
We’re on the brink.

Dr. Seuss
Pen in hand,
Please draw us a world
We can comprehend.

Let us start over again, in a tall, tall tree?
From such great heights
Not even the NSA would find me.

We would have plenty to eat
Mangoes and coconuts and vegetable soup.
And when it would rain,
It would rain kombucha.

Or, we could live on the great neck of a brontosaurus.
At night, the birds and lizards
Would erupt into mellifluous chorus.

Get us stretching
Get us doing that much-needed decompressing.

From those old samskaras let us surrender
Let’s make a change to remember!


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About Marthe Weyandt

Marthe Weyandt is a Pittsburgh-based yoga instructor and freelance writer. She enjoys traveling and spending time in the great outdoors. She is currently learning to play guitar, albeit badly and at frequencies only dogs can hear. She believes in the power of the word, creatively and lovingly rendered, to create positive change in the world. She has a Bachelor’s in English and Religion from Dickinson College and a Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University. She spent two years as an English instructor with the United States Peace Corps in Madagascar. Check out some of her other work here.


2 Responses to “If Dr. Seuss Did Yoga: An Inspirational Poem.”

  1. Well done, Marthe.

    There aren't many of us bold enough to try and imitate Dr. Suess. I did so once myself, but only for these four lines:

    “Pinterest is fun, Pinterest is hot.
    You should be on Pinterest.
    You should be, if you’re not.”
    –Dr. Suess

    Context? This article last year: Big, Colorful, & Really Fun to Browse.

    I like Pinterest so much I decided to put my new site below on it, too.

    Bob W. Editor
    Best of Yoga Philosophy

    • Marthe Weyandt says:

      Thanks, Bob! They are great shoes to fill, indeed! I will check out this article….

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