Orchestrating a Revolution with Masculine & Feminine Powers. ~ Carrie Ciula

Via Carrie Ciulaon Jul 16, 2013

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Honoring and appreciating our unique, divine masculine and divine feminine traits allows for and supports stronger relationships, a more complete sense of self and a powerfully balanced surrounding world.

There was the stretch of time where both gods and goddesses were revered—both held as wise, intelligent, powerful and possessing traits that were both unique and shared. Then, there was the stretch where the goddess was effectively taken out of the picture—swept under the rug as unimportant next to her divine masculine counterpart. Following, there played out a stretch of struggle to regain equality amongst the genders—a fight that still plays out, in part, today.

Paradigms are always in flux and this next stretch feels as though it’s placing us back full circle, aligned with the understanding that we, ladies, with our divine feminine energy, possess and emanate a power that only strengthens as we unconditionally support and nurture the warrior spirits in our lives.

It’s interesting, the way the scenario has seemed to flip in many ways. While feminist activists and goddess advocates have been so wrapped up in promoting women as the wild, wise, strong, nurturing and powerful beings (that we are!), now falling to the waist-side (amongst some circles) is man—in all of his heroic, protective, fearless while loving and tender beauty.

Both energies are essential in the divine flow and movement of simply being in this world.

It makes little sense to orchestrate a revolution with only half of the available power at the front lines.

Real change will come as both genders, men and women, become aware of the essential nature of both of our gifts and roles—when we both become not only fully tolerant and accepting but genuinely loving and appreciative of what we each bring to the table. Honoring and appreciating our unique, divine masculine and divine feminine traits allows for and supports stronger relationships, a more complete sense of self and a powerfully balanced surrounding world.

Ultimately, this dance of the divine in both genders is not about lighting candles, chanting in a circle, gathering with the once-a-month goddess group or down at the local bar on arm-wrestling night trying to reclaim a lost ‘look at me, I create fire!’ masculinity. It’s about being authentic, ‘whole-in-what-we-project’ humans, embracing both the idle routine and the sacred within ourselves and within each other.

When you, our men, are willing to meet us in a space of heart-led love, devotion and boyish vulnerability while living and acting from a divine place of decisive warrior courage and fierce protective capability, we, as women, are given the gift of receiving all of you. In turn, we are able to gift to you all of us—the powerful, wise yet nurturing goddess, the lush enchantress and yes, even the hormonal, ‘can-barely-stand-to-be-around-her’, vixen.

Perhaps the focus on which sex triumphs is simply indicative of where we’re at, as a culture, and a wide-scale focus on leading with our minds in lieu of the more innate knowing of our hearts.

Regardless, whatever this joint, divinely-laced mission reveals and wherever it leads—let’s travel together; unified—deeply in love.


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About Carrie Ciula


Carrie Ciula is an Indianapolis-based writer, educator and nutritionist with a focus on whole & wild foods, relationships, community, spirituality and sustainability. Carrie is passionate about restoring a connection with our Earth, in a way that allows healing for both ourselves and the planet, and celebrating this connection through sustainable living practice and authentic, soulful communication. Through both writing and in-office visits, she integrates psychological, biological and energetic science with spiritual practice; channeling the energy of deep transformation through nutritional support, somatic awareness, bio-energetic balance and rooted intention. It is her deepest desire and joy to bring through the vibration of unconditional love and to hold space for all that divinely unfolds through each of us. Connect with Carrie through her websiteFacebookTwitter and Pinterest.



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