The Poetry of Putting it All on the Table.

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I have a no concealed weaponry policy.

You know the things that you hide so that I will like you, approve of you or think you are spiritual—let’s just put them on the table.

I will show you mine if you will show me yours…

I am triggered by inauthenticity, entitlement and lack of integrity.

I am annoyed when people whine.

I am sometimes impatient with my friends and even my students when they sell themselves short.

I fiercely believe all is possible in this life.

I see the light in people often before they do.

I have learned to let people have their journey though it is not always easy.

I want to whack racists, bigots and chauvinists over the head; I roll my eyes at the “new agers” who talk about balancing their second chakra and then gossip about the pretty girl in the red dress.

I expect kindness but not perfection.

I don’t think fuck is a bad word.

I think pretending to be happy when you aren’t is a fucking bad thing.

I cry at phone commercials and stories about kindness especially toward animals.

I am passionate about love, words and wildness.

I am fiercely loyal and therefore, at times demanding that you be true to yourself and to me.

I see beauty everywhere though it took me nearly 39 years to see it in myself.

I believe in God, good wine and slow, hard kissing.

I have not ever had my heart broken, but three different men threatened suicide when I left them.

I loved my husband even when he was someone else’s husband and I am not ashamed of this.

I believe love is redemptive and at times very challenging.

I know that sexuality is a way to experience God and I am not ashamed of that, either.

I don’t think spirituality is about being nice or polite but about being real. When you actually have something you really need to say I want you to feel safe in expressing it to me but I do expect you to say it in a way my heart can hear you.

I forgive easily.

I have unraveled rage, hurt and defensiveness like prayer flags flapping in the wind but my prayers are different now.

I am a good friend.

I am a happy person.

I can love all of you.

There is nothing to hide.

Put your guns on the table and I will pour you a glass of wine.




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Shasta Townsend inspires people by helping them make more sense of their world and flourish in it. Thanks to her emboldened but down-to-earth teachings and her passionate campfire style story-telling, she provide students and readers with the clear know-how to experience inspired possibility and real joy. Focusing her expertise in sacred sexuality and love, Shasta's breakthrough methods awaken and empower individuals to embrace intimacy as a source of transformation, joy and spirit. She fearlessly offers up the sacred cows of sexuality and romance, as she transparently and meaningfully speaks, teaches and writes to the power of true connection as a catalyst to experience our innate wholeness, happiness and freedom. Evidence of her gift is apparent in a multitude of success stories from her happy readers and students. She calls her self the “untantric Tantric” teacher and encourages you to release dogma and become your own guru. She offers many opportunities for you to flourish in the bedroom, the boardroom or wherever your life takes you. She is a featured columnist Rebelle Society and Vivid Life, she speaks and teaches worldwide and is completing a book on the power of sex. Visit her web page to learn more or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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  1. Renee Jahnke Renee says:

    Fantastic and I totally related to almost every single line!! Thank you.

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