Finely Organized Noise (FON#2), Curated by Dave.

Via David McConaghay
on Aug 13, 2013
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Welcome back.

In what will be a repeating theme in this space, we are going to explore the emerging realm of “beats with devotion.”

Alongside the enormous growth in the popularity of yoga asana, there is a concurrent musical movement. This sonic evolution generally incorporates sanskrit mantra and/or conscious lyrics over a foundation of danceable beats featuring the very best of world music traditions.

For the past 15 years or so, the primary innovator of this movement has been DJ Cheb i Sabbah. Leading the charge in his wake are artists like DJ Drez and Earthrise Soundsystem (consisting of DJ Derek Beres and multi-instrumentalist Duke Mushroom). Also featured below are the trio of DJ’s known collectively as Desert Dwellers, and the funkiest conscious hip-hop around from Srikala and Luminahdi.

Let’s have some FON!

The original—DJ Cheb i Sabbah—doin’ it live:

YouTube Preview Image

“Saints of Marrakesh”

YouTube Preview Image

Here are the Kirtaniyas featuring MC Yogi with DJ Drez. Tell me this doesn’t look like fun…

YouTube Preview Image

“Metaphysical Fitness” — Earthrise Soundsystem + Srikala + Luminahdi

YouTube Preview Image

“Enseralen Gojo” from the album Bole 2 Harlem, a spectacular album rich with diverse rhythms and influences, presented by Duke Mushroom:

YouTube Preview Image

Now: Dance!

YouTube Preview Image

And here, almost 2 full hours of Desert Dwellers live from Symbiosis 2012:

YouTube Preview Image

Bonus: Wanderlust Tahoe offers and absurd level of fun. Here’s a glimpse of the High Camp Pool Party:

YouTube Preview Image

We’re still just getting started.

Check back soon for another episode of FON!


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  • Pretty Lights: popular DJ with thriving, donation-based record label
  • Polish Ambassador: 12 hrs of freely downloadable dance music (also donation-based; please support artists!)
  • Soundcloud: Duh. Search for anything. Find everything.
  • TerraSonic: our weekly magic carpet ride around the world of music. (Via KGNU Community Radio)



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