The Importance of Human Connection. ~ Leace Hughes

Via Leace Hugheson Aug 20, 2013


When I started digging deeper into my spiritual path, I was learning that we are all one—connected.

I noticed that many people would spew these oneness comments or quotes out at just the perfect time—for themselves. Maybe it helped their ego.

I have met many people that like to talk about how we are all one, but then turn around and say something horrible about a homeless beggar, or the guy down the street that doesn’t have a very good job.

It seems easy to stand up to the whole oneness concept when everything is going pretty smooth in your life. If everything is going perfect according to society standards, then its a little easier to claim that we are all connected—to other people living the same way.

I have seen people even stretch that even farther and blame another person’s thoughts as to why they are not living as well. Maybe they don’t have a job that is well accepted in todays sheep mindset, so it looks like a failure. We are programmed to look down at those that do not measure up. It doesn’t really fit into the whole oneness theory if we are blaming the other part of ourselves for thinking the wrong thoughts.

I will admit it; it’s not an easy concept to grasp. It sounds all spiritual and new-agey, but for most it’s just merely words coming out of our mouths to try to impress the very person we are actually saying we are connected to.

I am not trying to get you to like me; I am trying to move deeper, maybe even expose the wound.

We all have a wound, that thing about us that we try so hard to protect. It’s that hole that seems to be right inside your being.

It’s that thing that makes us so pathetic and makes loving us almost impossible. It’s probably something we have never even admitted to ourselves. That deep, dark secret that is actually keeping us more separate from others than we would like to believe.

There is a part of us that is lonely, empty and scared, even when things look so nice on the outside. We are afraid to let that part of us be exposed.

This is from the media—we have all been brainwashed as to what we should and should not do, think believe, and act. And when we don’t, our wound hurts even more.

The people in charge find many convenient ways to get into our brains. They make it almost impossible to ignore. They are selling you something and they know all the tricks. They can sell you the idea of the perfect home, the perfect dinner, even the perfect relationship. It makes it so easy to start pointing our fingers at others that are not conforming to these ideas. This separates us and it’s just what they want.

This happens within the spiritual circles too—don’t kid yourself.

If you watch little children, they have not been affected by this as much as you and me. They will just share what they have and not think twice about whether that person deserved it or thought about their life in a wrong way.

The media has done some clever marketing to trick us in wanting to win. We learn what having a good life means and how we can manifest more money to buy more of the good life. Many of us do not even realize that we do have a choice and we are allowing other people to make our choices for us.

We can choose to be honest, thoughtful and loving and be open to change. We can choose to be a part of the existence of other living things and stop being a part of their power play. We can choose not to let them shame or embarrass us with their money sucking lies.

The things we decide to put out into the world can serve a much bigger purpose. We could choose to expand our awareness and welcome differences that would be irrelevant to the media.

I would like to offer you my biggest, most precious gift—me. I am reaching out to you, to make the connection—the real connection that is not based on the lies.


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About Leace Hughes

Leace Hughes began her spiritual journey with a terminal illness.  Faced with death and a plethora of dis-eases and medications, she decided to leave that all behind for life.  With a lot of attention on healthcare, she had to leave “sickcare” behind.  The road was sometimes all uphill, but each step forward left an imprint on her soul giving her the message that life was for the living.  She is now dancing to a different drummer and the angel of death has been missing in action.  If you find it, please remember her address is unknown.


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