Becoming a Channel of the Earth: Kundalini Awakening. ~ Megan Hollingsworth

Via Megan Hollingsworthon Sep 19, 2013
Photo Credit: © 2013 Jack Gescheidt
Photo Credit: © 2013 Jack Gescheidt

The tree was cut in 1853. 

It took a strong crew and more than three weeks to bring her down and the wind was the one who she ultimately gave way to. She was a Great Mother—a giant sequoia – whose existence blew the minds of weary men. She was growing fast when she was cut. She was in her prime so to speak. The men worked with long augers, drilling holes then sawing through her body until the severing was complete. Her bottom was used for a dance floor, and her trunk, which remained alive with plenty of water for several years, was used as a bowling lane and bar. Her bark was shipped East to be offered at a small price per view.

As an activist, I come from the forest protection movement, specifically the Zero Cut movement, a movement that would like to see an end to industrial forestry. When I first read the story of the big stump, I was astonished that I did not cry.

I could not cry. What the hell is wrong with me? 

I was in bed. I put the book down. I found I could not sleep.

So, I went to my body imagining of the most intoxicating kiss. And quick, in a moment of ecstasy, there it was.

All the sacred rage came together and flowed through for me—my severing through incest in early childhood—and for the severing of this big tree. We joined in a scream. The scream would shock anyone as it shatters imagined ceilings of normalcy and moves through the ether enveloping all.

In me, this rage accompanied the release of energy, light that flowed visually from my root through to crown and on.

I knew in that moment that I had my next memorial project, which I’d been wondering about for years after my first that had been offered in remembrance of cetaceans. What would the next be?

Oh yes, the forest—big trees. Of course, I miss them. I long for big trees like I long for myself. 

I did not know at that time what had happened to me. That is, that this flow of energy was to be the beginning of the culmination of a spiritual emergence (aka Kundalini Awakening) that began for me with breath work in 1998 and accelerated with the gift of transcendental meditation in 1999.

With regular practice of TM, I began speaking a foreign tongue—just random non-words coming out at random times, generally when frustration arose. And there was the body opening that began before with an introduction to Yogic philosophy and asana instruction in 1996.

Who really knows when emergence begins? We do know this energy is with us always however latent and suppressed it may be.

There I was quite suddenly with sensation alive in my sacrum, the beginnings of a co-creative flow with the big stump of Calaveras Big Trees State Park, and intensified longing to expand a single kiss into eternal ecstasy.

I did not call the experience Kundalini until a yoga teacher heard the story and labeled it for me. And, other than to healers and teachers, I did not speak of the experience or pick up my texts on transpersonal psychology and transformational crisis until I had sourced the energy outside myself to Earth and Sun.

This was roughly a seven month process, from early winter 2012 to early summer 2013, during which I became the

Photo credit: © 2013 Jack Gescheidt
Photo credit: © 2013 Jack Gescheidt

Godhead and thankfully relaxed back into being human, utterly humbled by the whole experience. Holy Wow.

Having this energy connected with others was a mixed blessing. The tree I could make sense of immediately because the creative flow from that experience was immediate and felt true to my deepest calling. That was definitely me—my love, my story, my soul.

The man kiss was tricky, because though the affection between us was mutually expressed and experienced, we were all but virtual strangers, living worlds apart, who had taken the chance to meet in person and only then for a very brief encounter.

We still live worlds apart and the details of that piece of this story are for another time. Suffice to say we are connected by an ember that I imagined into a love like wildfire, a love that opened my heart and set me free of the mind cage. With him, I am pure love.

Ultimately, we are all left to open on our own because this is a solo job. The other is still other, not self. Not one, not two.

I have learned through this experience with Kundalini that complete healing from early childhood trauma does bring us to the Absolute.

When we are set true, we are joyfilled, all loving beings, who are connected, quite creative, easy going and likely peculiar to anyone harboring fear.

Equipped with the mind and all channels open, Light becomes imagination. This is why we as adults witness children as imaginary thinkers. Children are imaginary thinkers open to Spirit. We only grow into delusion when imagination is distorted by fear.

Life’s passion joined with Light’s power proves to be the seedbed of all creativity. This is Life on Earth.

The culmination of Kundalini awakening is heart opening. Out of my heart opening, we have ‘Wildfire a love story’, a short film that depicts spiritual and physical regeneration through the power of divine love.

‘Wildfire a love story’ is purposed to raise awareness of wildfire’s role in the regeneration of sequoia and to encourage the establishment of an official memorial grove in Calaveras Big Trees State Park that will bring home the sacrifice of the Great Mother Tree cut in 1853.

For context, most of the images in the film were taken at the big stump and the majority of those are of me lying on the big stump ‘processing’ love. The images of me and a standing sequoia were taken not far from the stump along a path that invites Park visitors to explore the wounded grove of Calaveras Big Trees.

Read about the North Grove at Calaveras.

The whole process of Kundalini restored me to a person that I have been all along, yet was not quite able to be—a person who, above all else, trusts her intuition for what it is, a premonition, a true inner knowing, a channel of Earth and the Absolute.

We are imaginary beings.


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Ed: Dana Gornall

About Megan Hollingsworth

Megan Hollingsworth is a mother, change artist and compassion activist. A version of this piece on spontaneous spiritual emergence is included in her forthcoming book, Transcending the Veil: A Journey through the Heart of Nature. Megan is Founder and Director at Extinction Witness, a project of Empowerment WORKS Inc., that creates and curates regeneration projects for society’s dismembered cultures and species. ‘Wildfire a love story’ is part of Extinction Witness’s first regeneration project Virgin: Restoring Big Trees and Whole Women. You can read Megan’s poetry and other musings at Wail Dance Blog. Find her on Twitter, Facebook and on Tumblr.



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  1. Thanks for reading and sharing! Here's a link to view 'Wildfire a love story' if you wish :-)

  2. So powerful. Thank you, Megan.

  3. Laura says:

    Beautiful writing and beautiful message. Thank you for sharing this part of your soul with us.

    • Thank you, Laura. This was twice as long at least and winding significantly as more of the journey was offered up when I first submitted to EJ. I am grateful to wise editors here who encouraged me to trim it down. A rather challenging bit of writing on a challenging experience that I truly am grateful to be able to share. Thanks so much for taking time with me and big trees! here. Love, m

  4. Jennifer says:

    Fascinating and inspiring.

  5. Pride says:


    • Thank YOU Pride! yes, Powerful…this energy teaches that…indeed, there is an all powerful power and our bodies and all bodies are vessels. the big WOW :-)! Thank you for reading and commenting :-) Love

  6. Carolee Carlson says:

    The sacredness of rage and renewal is brought into essential bas relief in this piece. Often, we feel tempted to forgo the places within that want to cry out in unrest. We fear existential dissolution. The connection to our bodies and our voice– literally, the guttural, primal vocalization through release when we allow energy to move through us– is a clarification process that magnifies love through ultimate breakage into what Megan calls the Absolute. If we are to feel these things fully– the trauma that has happened to us personally and to the planet, it must be like wild fire… love burning into renewal. And though, as Megan said, we are alone in this on some level, we must come together to witness one another in our processes. Thank you Megan for this offering and allowing us to hold this.

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