Photos, Video: elephant’s Boulder City Council Candidates’ Forum Hosted by Waylon Lewis.

Via on Oct 3, 2013


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All Photos by D’Antonio Photography for the Talk Show.

Green Room pre-event meeting:

walk the talk show waylon lewis bob morehouse boulder city council macon cowles ryan van duzer shine

elephant’s Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis hosted a Boulder City Council Candidate’s forum at one of our longtime favorites: Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place.

waylon lewis walk the talk show boulder

Many of those who joined us in our green room were Community Leaders, tasked with asking questions on behalf of various constituencies (access, green energy, affordable housing, business)—in this way our debate was less about Waylon, or even the candidates—and all about all of Boulder.

waylon lewis walk the talk

It wasn’t an average night.


The candidates got loose.

Sam Laughing

Waylon Lewis had some tricks up his many sleeves.


We were lucky  to have VIP Question Askers posing tough questions.
Louie Psihoyos


and John Tayer


And Bob Morehouse
Bob Morehouse

It Got Serious.



But not so serious that this went unnoticed.


Stay tuned for the videos!  And if you want to see some in depth interviews with some of the candidates check THIS out

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Hey Boulder!

The ballots will be in your mail boxes, and you need a little more info before you decide.

Join host Waylon Lewis —founder of elephant journal and host of Walk The Talk Show — and the Boulder community for a forum with the candidates running for Boulder City Council. Hosted by Shine. Meet New Era Colorado & other movers & shakers in our community.

When: Wednesday October 16th,
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Where: Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place
2027 13th Street – Boulder, CO – 80302

Why: Because an uninformed vote is a wasted vote

Free if you eat dinner and show us your receipt.
$3 if you have a drink and show us your receipt
$5 if you aren’t hungry or thirsty

Let us know you are coming and RSVP HERE

P.S. Click HERE to see Waylon’s interviews with some of the candidates

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One Response to “Photos, Video: elephant’s Boulder City Council Candidates’ Forum Hosted by Waylon Lewis.”

  1. EvanRavitz says:

    Waylon, just reminding that Valerie Kay Sorachi won the audience approval at the Elephant forum at the Fox a few years ago, but you endorsed people you said would win anyway.

    The same old people and ideas recycled forever -since they appoint the boards and commissions which are a breeding ground for future council members, and ruthlessly protect the status quo- are a disaster, for people and planet.

    Here's my brief, precise analysis of their total failure for decades at 2 critical issues, transportation and housing, and how this affects ALL their vaunted goals:… It's what I told Council at the Sept 17 meeting. At first several of their heads were nodding, but soon they stopped.

    Please, be a part of the solution, not the problem.

    BTW, it seems a certainty that Council will approve the Ebikes on multi-use paths year-long pilot project on Oct 22. Macon Cowles told me that all 9 support it.


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