Nude Yoga. {Photos of Model, shot by Husband}

Via on Nov 23, 2013

anjali naked nude yoga

“Each body is a universe, as good a universe as you could conceive.” ~ Swami Amar Jyoti

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Photos and discussion via Reddit/r/yoga and Imgur: “Luba Shumeyko Yoga – Shot by Husband Petter Hegre. Stunning. NSFW (


“Comparison is the thief of joy.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

We can appreciate her alignment, or see where it may be off—either way this can reinspire our own practice. But perhaps most challengingly, we can use these photos to bear witness to our emotions: desire, or judgment, whatever they may be. And we can let it go, and ride the present moment via our breath. We can bring it, and ourselves, naked (we are always naked, beneath our clothes), as we are, to the mat.

The three top comments on Reddit’s yoga community:
Does it bother anybody else that so many comments attempt to marginalize her based on their opinion of her weight?

How is that any different than marginalizing someone who is overweight?

She appears to be well within a healthy weight range and her body, far from looking anorexic or overly thin, appears and likely is very strong (based on the poses she is in).


I couldn’t agree more. I’m tallish and skinny and I’ve definitely been bullied for my weight. Being called anorexic or told that your body is unattractive or that you should eat a burger because “real women have curves!” is really hurtful. And then if you try to talk about it, you get brushed off because it’s not a “real” problem.

Yea I’ve witnessed it before, and I see it on the internet and reddit all the time and it always really irks me.

It just smacks of people making others feel bad so they can feel better about themselves.



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117 Responses to “Nude Yoga. {Photos of Model, shot by Husband}”

  1. wayne dennis says:

    Loved every bit

  2. Christy says:

    As I love doing yoga, I do agree with Danielle as this does and will continue to feed the perverts that may find this site. She is beautiful but should be kept to the viewing of her husband, she may not even have wanted to have them posted as they were. Question, was she in agreement in posting this?

  3. Etain says:

    Strength, balance, flexibility, yes she does have those; the tact of the photos I will also not deny, but it makes me quite jealous I am not (and will probably never be) able to achieve this myself.

  4. Hubby says:

    great set of photos, artfully done.

  5. jessicaputnam says:

    the alignment was exquisite. The depth and tone of each asana was definitely captured. It did look like the elbows were slightly hyperextended in adho muhka svanasana but it also could just be the lighting and camera angle. But wow- graceful and beautiful

  6. Sabine Crook says:

    Tolle Photos, wahnsinns Körperbeherrschung. Toll anzuschauen. Respekt
    Best regards from Germany

  7. Nicole says:

    Absolutely stunning in every way. Inspirational. Beautiful posture. Beautiful all around, artistically, lighting, subject, composition…thank you for sharing. It takes some real courage and I admire you immensely.

  8. Malwina says:

    JEST PANI BOSKA!!! Wielki ukłon w Pni stronę! Piękne ciało.

  9. Tonia says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I wished I was that flexible.

  10. guest says:

    I find these images to be beautiful. I don't know why naked has to mean sexual to so many people. naked isn't sex. my response was very pure. they were done very tasteful. there are occasion when Iv seen naked artistic photos and there is definitely a sexual tone to them but these I didn't get any at all.

    as far as the comments to her being shaved. why is that an issue? women shave their armpit, legs, toes and we pluck occasional hairs from our breast and even our face. what is the big deal if we also do it in our private region? there's a stigma that its a sexual thing but it can be more than just that. it can also just make you feel more clean. to me this should just be personal preference.

    I can honestly say in my opinion I think if she had hair in these photos it would have given it a more sexual tone. but by not having the hair I didn't feel a sexual tone at all. they were very artistic. not even her breast stood out.

    I seriously don't understand anyone making comments on her weight. people need to let that go. our society has such major issues when it comes to criticizing peoples bodies.

  11. senior says:

    That's incredible what you can do with your body. I'm a senior and it's incredible

  12. Mo says:

    Yes, there is a lot of beauty in her asanas. She obviously had a very regular and strong practice and that takes hard work and dedication. Also, to achieve the level of flexibility that she portrays in these photos shoes that she is a very able-bodied person. When I did not suffer from chronic pain and could practice daily or even for the majority of my week, I looked a lot like her. A lot of people are commenting about her weight. A lot of people are saying that this is what healthy looks like and I have to disagree. The bones above her breasts that protrude and the level that her hip bones rise up, portray an image of someone who is most def underweight especially for her height. However I do not believe this takes Way the beauty of her photos. It actually would probably mean more if she actually spoke about her own weight and was honest about how it feels to be in her skin.

  13. metalmask says:

    she is lovely

  14. samy says:

    I wish I wud be a part of this nude yoga

  15. Ugh says:

    her lack of pubic hair is just creepy and given that this trend has come directly from the porn industry makes it just a horrid juxtaposition against the beauty of yoga. These photos should have been kept private, if taken at all – what's the point?

  16. Sunday says:

    Loved these. Wonderful way to see the human form. Inspiring, to say the least.

  17. Ivana says:

    Tasteful, natural, strong, powerful, beautiful…

  18. henny says:


  19. AtomJ says:

    She's done internet porn for years. Luba

  20. maria says:

    beautiful body, and great can tell she is discipline, very nice work!! I wish I could be that flexible

  21. Mac says:

    Just came across these as I'm new to Elephant Journal. I enjoyed these photos aesthetically and thought they were quite beautiful. They would make nice silhouette photographs with the same effect. One thing, I wonder if the objections to the sexuality of the photos would not be in question if the model had not altered her pubic hair. Pornography has been the driving force behind pubic hair extinction in America, for better or worse depending on your sexual preferences. I would not consider these photos pornographic but hair removal in pornography serves two main purposes. The first is to infantilize a woman making her appear pre-pubescent, which these photos are clearly not doing. However, the second purpose is to increase the amount of voyeurism allowed by a viewer of the material, giving a closer more intimate look at the details of the genitals which can increase the pleasure of some viewers. These photos may be guilty of that as there will be viewers who become aroused at some of the details of genatalia depicted here. I personally do not find the photos sexually arousing and I think they are great. However, if the model had full pubic hair we may have gotten more pose options and there may have been something more natural about it.

  22. Kay says:

    Perfect body – makes me kind of hate my own and want to not eat for another three days and get a wax :p but impressive nonetheless. Though I’m not quite sure what the point is other than to show off how gorgeous, flexible and great at yoga she is? I guess maybe that’s point enough for some.

  23. Nic says:

    I can't get my head around the lack of pubic hair- it makes a fully bloomed woman look like a little girl. I know it's fashionable and anyone can do as they please with their own bush, but EW! Otherwise, she's obviously very beautiful and her husband is aware that naked photos of her doing just about anything would be consumed eagerly by a mass audience.

  24. Loni says:

    Why is this titled “photos of model, shot by husband” ? Does that make it easier for people to swallow. Omg, a women posed nude. Ha! How many women would enjoy posing nude? Maybe? Celebrating your body, no matter what it looks like. How many women would like that?

  25. carla says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!! All forms should be celebrated

  26. kaleswar says:

    this is simply beautiful n divine. there is no vulgarity

  27. Juan says:

    On a lot of photos asanas dont even have the proper alighnment but hey, at least she had a chance to show her nipples. forget about yoga.

  28. carlotta persson says:

    for me…very disturbing that there’s no pubic hair…what’s up with that?

  29. Sally says:

    Just gorgeous and inspiring.

  30. Lisa says:

    I just don’t understand what this has to do with yoga?

  31. guest says:

    Petter may have taken the pics – doubt she is his husband. She looks like all the others in his shoots. Some even look a lot younger.

  32. Elke_Yogini says:

    Great sensual pictures. I´m in loving with nude yoga für myself and want to share it to many other humans.

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