True Whale Tales that will Make you Cry your Eyes Out (in the Best Way Possible).

Via on Nov 9, 2013


As if we did not already love our ‘elephants of the sea’ enough, here are a few more reasons (get out your hankies).

1. Saving Luna: A Whale Story

A documentary about a young orca who was separated from her whale family in 1999 and trapped in Nootka sound. This is an hour of your life worth spending on a movie (show your kids).


2. Shore-bound onlookers watch in amazement as a huge pod of orcas swims through Active Pass in Galiano, British Columbia.


3. Humpback whale thanking the people that freed it from fishing line.


4. Alaskan Fishermen devote hours to saving a stranded killer whale.



Whale Shark Facts 

Whale Washed Ashore in Netherlands 

Lolita at the Miami Seaquarium 


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{Photo: Wikimedia Commons}

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