Why This Man is Happier Than All of Us.

Via on Jan 7, 2014

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A Sadhu monk sits on a rock in meditation.

He looks like he’ll be liberated any minute now, and rocketed into the fourth dimension.

Our man wants for nothing. I’m guessing he’s not late for anything, or blowing off any responsibility. He didn’t forget to set his alarm, his coffee timer or his DVR.

He lives in some kind of minimalistic, “Star Wars” desert environment. He doesn’t have a wide screen TV or Ralph Lauren paint on the walls.

He probably doesn’t have road rage, an overdrawn bank account or herpes. He’s not fidgety or distracted.

He just sits. There’s no Tweeting, no iPhone, and no CNN. No Miley Cyrus’ tongue.

I don’t really picture him yelling at anyone today, destroying anyone’s property or spirit, or stealing. Or getting drunk.

His dreads aren’t clip-ons.

He’s happier than all of us.

I’m guessing he has no idea who Jim Morrison, John Belushi or John Holmes were. (I wonder if John Holmes really knew who John Holmes was. He was pretty screwed up.)

He probably isn’t dying to go tomcatting around any New Orleans bars during Mardi Gras. He didn’t watch the Breaking Bad finale, and he doesn’t have a stack of porn next to his bed.

This is his yoga.

He’s never gambled his rent away in Vegas, or called anybody a dumb bitch.

He’s beautiful.

He gets up with the sun, he sleeps well at night and he eats when he’s hungry. He isn’t frivolous or wasteful. His life is a continuous stream of God Consciousness.

His karma is lookin’ pretty good.

I wish I could meet him, or at least trade places, if only for a day. They say what you come looking for, you come looking with. What are you looking for? Most likely, the jewel in the lotus dwells in that space within the sound of silence, the last place a city girl like me would look…

I met Eddie Van Halen once, and this guy is just as cool to me (but on a different level).

You know what else is cool?

Sitting, being happy, wanting for nothing.

Love elephant and want to go steady?

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2 Responses to “Why This Man is Happier Than All of Us.”

  1. Martin says:

    Please tell me how this man's happiness is measured and to be more than mine? Absence of love is what I noticed first… Is this a trade off where you give away all that's good about our short lives to never experience anything negative?
    Don't get me wrong, all my love for this man :).

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