The True Cost vs. Benefits of a Dog. {Infographic}

Via on Mar 6, 2014

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Could we ever really put a price tag on our beloved pooches? Our best friends?

My dog is the first thing I see every morning. My alarm clock. My snuggle buddy throughout the night (move over boyfriend!). My work companion throughout the day (believe me, he’s making me a better worker). My running buddy. Dinner date—eager for scraps. I can’t image not having my little pooch by my side all day and all night. That said, it’s always smart to think of the commitment (it’s a big one!). Money, time, energy, love. It’s a real learning and growing experience and I am grateful.

Bonus: This Why We Should Adopt Rescue Dogs. {Photos}

The True Cost of Dog Ownership by Golden Meadows Retrievers


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Lindsey Block loves a good picnic, bottle glass of wine and a new recipe. She likes to do all the cliché things: sing in the shower, dance in her underwear in the living room—which her dog doesn't approve of, yet—and take long walks on the beach. She's currently struggling with misanthropy, but working on it every day—although it's hard living in California.


2 Responses to “The True Cost vs. Benefits of a Dog. {Infographic}”

  1. Myriam says:

    Love this and I agree! I cannot imagine my life without our two rescues.

  2. Lindsay says:

    If you get a rescue dog, they are usually spayed/neutered already, so that would be free. Or often times organizations will provide these services and other vaccinations at reduced costs. Rescue pups all the way!

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