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Heather Morton became most known for her work on backbending after producing Freedom of the Body DVD; an instructional practice video on yoga backbends. Since its conception it has reached students all over the globe. She is the first Canadian woman to receive certification in both the primary and secondary series from the AtmaVikasa Yogic Center of Sciences, Mysore, South India. For 15 years, Heather directed The Yoga Way (TYW); a Toronto yoga school offering 6-week yoga programs and not drop-ins. Founded in 1997 it formed a special niche within the Toronto Yoga community. Her life in Yoga, however, did not always look this way. Heather`s original aspirations were in the Dramatic Arts for which she has a university degree. But feeling the pressures of not fitting in, Heather left Canada to live and work in South Korea where she taught and travelled extensively. Dabbling in yoga here and there it was not until she returned to Canada that she embarked on formal training of yoga. To date, she has made 17 trips over 17 years to India to study with her teachers. As a yoga student, teacher and business woman she also became a post-graduate student; obtaining a Masters of Education focused on Yoga for children in school. She is the producer and creator of the Back Bending Series: Advanced Practice DVD and Stilling the Mind, a 2-part meditation CD. Heather has been featured in The Globe & Mail, Toronto Life Magazine and other media sources. In 2012, Heather closed TYW to fulfill more personal aspirations. Today, she is a mother and between teaching, and practice, writes for travel magazines, YogaLife, HelloYoga, EJ and MBG. You can find her teaching classes and retreats internationally and on facebook.

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