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Shasta Townsend Shasta inspires people by helping them make more sense of their world and flourish in it. Thanks to her emboldened but down-to-earth teachings and her passionate campfire style story-telling, she provide students and readers with the clear know-how to experience inspired possibility and real joy. Focusing her expertise in sacred sexuality and love, Shasta's breakthrough methods awaken and empower individuals to embrace intimacy as a source of transformation, joy and spirit. She fearlessly offers up the sacred cows of sexuality and romance, as she transparently and meaningfully speaks, teaches and writes to the power of true connection as a catalyst to experience our innate wholeness, happiness and freedom. Evidence of her gift is apparent in a multitude of success stories from her happy readers and students. She calls her self the “untantric Tantric” teacher and encourages you to release dogma and become your own guru. She offers many opportunities for you to flourish in the bedroom, the boardroom or wherever your life takes you. She is a Featured Columnist for Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society and Vivid Life, she speaks and teaches worldwide and is completing a book on the power of sex. Visit www.shastatownsend.com to learn more or connect with her on Facebook at Happy, Sexy, Shameless.

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