Fleet Maull.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Dec 4, 2007
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Founder of The Peacemaker Institute and Prison Dharma Network Leader of non-violence retreats in Auschwitz and American prisons, Fleet shows that peace doesn’t mean avoiding society’s shadow side.


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  2. […] point where she will likely not live to see her article come off the presses…her good friend Fleet Maull had asked to show her the article, so we’re posting this now—she can see the article is out […]

  3. Hi, my name is Danielle Benson. My mother forwarded me the article the Dharma of cancer. I am putting together a non-profit news letter to be handed out free to people who are intrested in reading spriitual type things.

    This was written so well, and with so much truth to our realities we so struggle with, I was wondering if I could print this article to share with others.

    You can contact me at 951-257-4706. Or
    [email protected], wwwsatorireflections.com

    Thank you.
    Danielle Benson

  4. admin says:

    we replied to Daniell off-list.