February 6, 2008


Many of elephant’s staffmembers and friends caucused last time, most of us for the first time (though we’ve voted, rarely does Colorado, coming late in the political calendar, actually matter at all in determining our candidate). I came out for Obama, though I like Hillary plenty and respect McCain muchly. Erin Needham (our ad sales lady) and I tromped up to our neighborhood’s elementary school, where we were greeted with the sight of 200 folks waiting merrily in the freezing cold to get in. Once we got in, we saw another 200 folks who’d already arrived. I filmed a bunch of interviews (“Why are you voting for Obama, do you actually know anything about his platform or do you just like him?” was a common question). Later, over margaritas, Steve Fenberg and I were interviewed by MTV news as to whom had the bigger caucus (Steve). We stayed up late, watching the returns come in with a thousand new young friends (mostly members of neweracolorado.org, plus a few friends including Dave Rogers, formerly of The Onion).
I finally left after California was called for Hillary—exhausted and happy. And this morning, reading nytimes.com”, looks like it’s a dead heat thus far, with Obama favored in next few weeks—politicos are saying the liberal half of the primaries won’t be decided until the Democratic Convention, something that hasn’t happened since…I dunno, the 50’s?

Was so fun, inspiring, chaotic, incompetent…exactly how democracy should feel. My first caucus

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