Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis: Dr Sha: Soul Master!

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Mar 13, 2008
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Watch elephant’s editor try to hang on as the famous Dr. Sha (well-known New Age Healer who has been in two PBS specials) offers a standing-room elephant audience a healing blessing.

Bonus, some background:


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6 Responses to “Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis: Dr Sha: Soul Master!”

  1. alex king says:

    That guy is a Willlld and CRAZZZY guy. He just goes for the gold!

  2. Tommy says:

    As long as it works I don’t bother if he is poor or millionare. I have my own economy to take care of. Be calm and save your energy..

    And btw I feel really uplifted just by watching this video.

    With Love and Respect

  3. anonymouse says:

    It is with mixed feelings that I write this- The world DOES need a soul movement – and Dr. Sha’s teachings are based on some basic truths and provide empowering tools that can provide benefit…

    But, I’m just not sure it needs the ultra-organized commercialized dogma of the Dr.Sha “Mission”:

    First of all, similar to his previous books, don’t be duped by the “best seller” status or 5 star ratings:

    1) members of the Mission contribute thousands of dollars in lieu of ‘blessings’ from Master Sha as a part of a ‘book campaign’ – these funds are used directly by Master Sha’s institute to internally buy books from retailers 2 or 3 at a time to falsely and unethically stage the book’s popularity (Google “Dr Sha book campaign” if you don’t believe me)
    2) members of the Mission are urged to write positive reviews about Master Sha’s books, and get discounts for it…thus all the prosaic 5 star reviews.

    It’s not really that they want to sell lots of books – they want to attract more members to the Mission- i.e. to join the Sunday Blessings and the Retreats….which is where the real money is made. It’s not that unlike this story: google “Did dirty tricks create a best-seller”

    Sure, the members deeply believe that they are promoting truth (indeed, other religions have done much worse in the name of God)…but personally, I don’t find these methods to be all that ‘saintly’(it might even be karmic)… if there are real truths in the book and the Mission it would sell itself on its own merit like most best sellers do.

    And what ‘services’ does Master Sha offer at his blessings and retreats? Well, Master Sha believes that he is a “Channel” of the Divine, and he (and only he) has been given special powers. So he (and only he) can offer you- via the “Dr Sha dot com” channel (check it out for yourself):
    – Divine Protection against every imaginable hazard
    – clear your Karma for $2000. just like that – no followup or practice or nothing…even Dr, Sha calls it a “short cut”
    – Transplants for diseased organs
    – Body Soul Transplant for $5000 (not explicitly listed in the web site, but it is a prerequisite, among others, to be come a Master Teacher Healer)
    – Etc.
    (actually, you can usually get the blessings for less because there is always a last minute special to appeal to the “shoppers”)

    What is a Body Soul Transplant? You current soul leaves you and a new soul (a saint) chooses you. Its sad that some people are so down they feel they need a brand new soul….and I guess all the poor folks have little chance at becoming a saint…how exclusive.

    By the way, for the higher services, you aren’t told the cost of these until you apply first, in which Dr. Sha receives Divine guidance in whether he should accept you. Imagine trying to say no after the Divine supposedly accepted you (but of course, these are “priceless treasures”).

    But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…the later chapters of his books speak of the higher Soul Transformations etc. The “highest” downloads for the ‘chosen’ ones are offered only at the “invitation only” retreats (i.e. for those who have ‘passed’ the previous courses)…

    Dr Sha’s Sunday blessings are as follows:
    He offers a free blessing (download). Then his top assistants (the “professionals” on “dr sha dot com” who have gone through the full Soul transformation and have received all the highest downloads so that their souls reside in their highest chakra and they can see with their third eye- paid for either with $ or Universal Service™ to the Mission) describe what they saw. Then all the people who have registered get their downloads. That’s it.

    Yes, the downloads might feel empowering, but inevitably you are left wanting more…if the top assistants can really see with their third eye, wouldn’t you want that too? Well you can get there by getting the downloads, becoming indoctrinated through the courses and practice practice practice (the practice e.g. chanting, empowering statements etc can make you feel good) – till you believe it (or some would say become deluded?)

    So inevitably, most are drawn to take the courses and to become a Universal Servant (requires you to volunteer time to the non-profit Institute that does all the ‘work’ – whereas payments go to Dr Zhi Gang Sha LLC.). The courses all link together and coax you higher and higher, with the light at the end of the tunnel that eventually you might be able to charge for your services, like the “Professionals” on the web site – it’s the classic pyramid marketing scheme.

    But here is the hard part for me: people DO feel better… faith in the empowerments can help heal. But any one will feel better if they spend time getting out of their thinking brain and doing some chanting, setting good intentions, and having faith that they are empowered to make choices to make their lives better. And the collective energy at (any) group retreats is very powerful and healing. Why not rejoice in that – it might be the piece some people really need…

    But when that collective energy at the retreat is highest, and people are feeling their best, that is when Dr. Sha ‘suggests’ that his downloads can make you even better….which is made so easily done by sticking your personal barcode on a form (& voila, your credit card is charged). It’s so effective that retreat registrants have to sign a legal disclaimer saying that all though the downloads are ‘priceless’, they must spend ‘within their means”. From my experience, few of the faithful do, unless you call credit card bills and liquidation of savings as ‘within your means”. (many retreat attendees spend 10’s of thousands)

    Seems like Dr. Sha is selling water to people standing in a river. It’s a shame that our consumerist society thinks we can ‘buy’ everything. Its part of the reason we need a true soul movement.

    Members of the Mission have made a huge leap of faith to jump on these tracks. But the light at the end of the tunnel might just be an oncoming train. After investing so much, it might take an even bigger leap of faith to get off…

  4. Gloria says:

    The healing practices that I have learned through Master Sha have and are transforming my life. I always feel better physically and emotionally every time I do the healing practices. I am grateful that I am able to learn Soul Healing techniques through his books. I always feel that, Master Sha is teaching me through his books. Each time I read the practices in his books, I do them and I feel I am being taught by Master Sha.

  5. David Lusch says:

    Throughout the ages when something new and revolutionary comes along, the minds of humans do not always understand and can be negative about it. Humans believed that the world used to be flat. The sun revolved around the earth. People laughed at Albert Einstein. Many did not support or appreciate famous artists until long after their deaths.

    Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha's divine soul healing system works. I was healed of obsessive-compulsive disorder and a thyroid condition – both of which have no cures in Western Medicine. I honor Western Medicine. It helped me a lot. However, I still suffered greatly from the side effects of medication and my conditions every day of my life.

    I have been healed through Master Sha's system. I received Divine Blessings and Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants. I did a lot of practice to self-heal myself. Within one year, I was completely healed of OCD. Within one and a half years, I was completely healed of my thyroid condition. I was supposed to be on medication for both of these the rest of my life. I have been off of medication conditions for both of these since 2005. I was even approved for the normal health insurance coverage advertised rate as of February 2009!

    Because of all of these miracles, I became a Soul Healer and Teacher of Master Sha. I am honored to now say I am one of his Worldwide Representatives helping others to heal and transform their suffering and challenges into healing and love.

    I know this system works. I am a living testament. It could work for many people. All you have to do is have an open heart and mind and try. Give it a chance. You could be amazed at the results.

  6. mouse says:

    I too have followed, and worked with some of the supposed to be enlightened ones. I have many friends that are still following, and 1 in particular that follows Dr. Sha. She truly believes that she is enlightened,and now seeing with her third eye. Unfortunately, she has almost become homeless, lives, eats and breathes this movement and sets up events for this practice. There seems to be to much ego as to who is more enlightened among the following, too much money spent on getting enlightened, and just not enough enlightening on how to live on this planet and be human…. just another cult for those that need a different reality to live.