March 8, 2008

ele’s new office

In 5.5 years of print, elephant has never had an office. Fueled by wireless internet and an army of sticker-covered Mac laptops, we’ve managed to run a magazine out of our favorite downtown cafés…until now. Splitting space with the mindful mommas @ Mellow Mood, as of March 1st we’ll be stationed in a tiny tin-roofed sunny hardwood floored red brick Victorian behind our favorite natural-burger pub ever, Mountain Sun—a mere hundred feet off of busy Pearl St. So look out for our ELEPHANT sign on 15th, constructed from re-used reflective highway sign letters, and stop by to snag an organic elephantee, organic elephantote or to chill with an (organic) espresso on our front yard patio. Though we know our good friends—such as Mike—will miss our staff showing up to take over four tables at once, Waylon’s voice booming over the café hum, we’re looking forward to having a home to hang our hat.In another elephant milestone, our weekly “elevision” talk show once again grew too large for our venue to contain us. A standing room only (the theater was packed so tight that I couldn’t even squeeze past all the bodies to make it to the bathroom) crowd learned the secret to Whole Foods’ success and why anyone might want to do nothing. Stay tuned this week as we try and pack in twice the legal limit into our favorite bar/theater ever, Trilogy. ~ele ed. Heather Mueller

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