ele:REVIEW – FrequenSea Health Tonic

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on Mar 24, 2008
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Substance P. > via Caroline Treadway

This sea veggie tonic will mitigate any caffeine overdose, cures bad luck, even long-standing habits of procrastination and laziness! I’m now such a big fan of Frequensea, I pledge to drink it every morning with unwavering devotion and fervent loyalty! I will even give up coffee! Um…wait, I take that last bit back. Seriously, one sip of this stuff will zoom you from gloomy to giddy before you can say phytoplankton. Contains the sci-fi-esque Substance P, which reverses diabetes in mice and stimulates cellular growth. BTW: don’t worry, newbies-the sweet, soapy rose flavor will grow on you.


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One Response to “ele:REVIEW – FrequenSea Health Tonic”

  1. Jim says:

    Hilarious! I could not decide if you really like the stuff or not 🙂 I have drank it now for 8 months and am really happy with it.