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on Mar 12, 2008
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I don’t know how to cook, or garden, or fix cars or kayak. But there are a couple things I am good at—and one of them is daily bike commuting. I know what kind of tires to get, which gear will help me to have a successful, safe and pleasant commute: paneers, bell, combo lock (not key or T), front and rear lights, upright posture… Another thing I know all about is how to work full-time in cafés on my laptop. Put the two together, and I’m an aficionado of bike-friendly laptop bags. For years I’ve used Timbuk2, a great, once-little now-global San Fran-based bike bag company (their bags are shipped in plastic bags printed with a bike path map of their hometown). But many of Timbuk2’s bags were made in China and none were “eco”—made from environmentally responsible materials. Finally, the Timbuk2 gods have heard the prayers of me and other conscious consumers—and Timbuk2 has come out with the “Grown” series. Now, finally, I got a hip black eco (buckles made from corn, waterproof fabric made from strong Hemp and recycled pop bottles) backpack. And it’s made in Vietnam, not China (Free Tibet!)—and I have a little more faith that Timbuktu does know, and care, about the conditions of its workers. This is the perfect bag. It’s got more pockets than you can shake a stick at, is small enough that I’m not tempted to stuff it full of B.S., I could drop it off a cliff and my laptop would be fine and it’s more or less mindfully made. Hallelujah, Svaha, and God Bless Timbuk2. ~ele Editor-in-Chief, Waylon Lewis


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  1. […] San Francisco-based bike bag company Timbuk2 recently teamed up with their local Whole Foods (just a bike ride away from Timbuk2’s downtown manufacturing plant) to make bags out of the old banners that hung over the store’s meat and produce departments. The vinyl Whole Foods “Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes” and “Eat Locally” banners suddenly became the perfect waterproof lining for Timbuk2’s classic messenger bags. Check out photos of the recycling party, and Timbuk2’s new sustainable hemp “Grown” line. […]

  2. LcTag says:

    Well, that’s one more thing I have learned today! 🙂

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