April 10, 2008

Camren’s Guide to Non-hippie Music

[Via Camren von Davis, the Paul Schaffer of elevision, ele’s weekly talk show. For more non-hippie (Waylon is shouting, “I like Hippie music!”) music, check out Kirk Peterson’s Winter ‘08 music review column.] Here’s the deal—I’m likely a hippie at heart. But this does not mean that hippies playing guitar outside of my office window bring me a sense of delight and connectedness. Not at all, in fact. (Damnit Bob Dylan! Why couldn’t you have made your songs more difficult for everyone and their brother to play?!) So I have closed my office window and am browsing youtube to provide background music while I work. And I have chosen particularly non-hippie music. And, so, if you’re feeling a little too love-and-lighty yourself, check these videos out.
Here are two videos by one of my favs, DOSH: #1, #2
A video by clouddead (DOSH and clouddead are both on the Anticon label—great fucking label.)
Andrew bird and DOSH together (just before the release of Andrew’s latest record, before he and DOSH had hammered out the live version of this song)
LCD Soundsystem
St. Germain live
CocoRosie live The two front-ladies of CocoRosie are apparently sisters. At one time, they lived on a farm together while they both openly dated the same person—Antony (from Antony and the Johnsons.) Weird.

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