Cut our editor’s letter?

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on Apr 16, 2008
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After 5.5 years of writing hopefully witty, hopefully insightful, hopefully-informative-to-new-readers, yet hopefully still-interesting-to-longtime-ones Editor’s Letters in each issue of the magazine, I’m thinking of handing my Ed Letter off to our amazing Heather Mueller, and beginning to write a hopefully-soon-published novel about the first generation of Americans to grow up Buddhist.

I’m a writer, first and foremost, and I’d love to do some real writing for the magazine. We made the decision to cut the Editor’s Letter last week—but then this Saturday night, shooting pool at The Attic, a local college haunt (I was there, appropriately, to celebrate the 34th bday of my childhood ‘Dharma Brat’ buddy Jesse Grimes), a lady walked up to me, introduced herself, and said “I loved your last editor’s letter, it was honest and blahdeeblahdeewhatsit…” Now, taking into account that she might’ve been tipsy, and my editor’s letters are full of sh*t, they do probably serve a pragmatic function—to introduce and contextualize “the mindful life” in terms of whatever ever our main theme is that issue (gay rights, bike riding, yoga…).

So, in time-honored e-democratic fashion, I’ll leave it up to you. Please visit, click on “blog of the day” and leave us your comments.

Option 1: continue with my Editor’s Letter.
Option 2: start serializing novel, “Dharma Brat”
Option 3: find room to do both
Option 4: cut both; quit elephant and go into silent meditation retreat for a year
Option 5: hand off editor’s letter to Heather, who’s an incredible writer, and serialize novel

Waylon Lewis, publisher


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6 Responses to “Cut our editor’s letter?”

  1. Todd says:

    Option 3 all the way, Waylon… keep the editor's letter… maybe switch off with Heather, but don't cut 'em, I like 'em!

  2. Tammy says:

    As if I could answer this for you.
    You’re making magic in the world no matter which offer you choose.
    Get to it!

  3. Ali says:

    I really enjoy the Ed’s letters. And, I know Heather is a fab writer (I like to read her, too)…, but there’s only One Way. (I mean that not as a fundamentalist statement.) No one says it quite like Waylon H. Lewis.

  4. lindsey says:

    I agree with Tammy’s well put statement, but want to add that you should do what excites you most. Maybe it’s because I’m a new reader and not accustomed yet to having my quarterly hit of Waylon’s ed letters (although I loved too the ones I have read), but if you feel like focusing on the book is best right now, rock it! Maybe more informal blogging when inspired to share your sweet voice with us?

  5. […] all four comments on our website form a resounding cry that Waylon should continue to write the editor’s letter, we’ve […]

  6. Arron says:

    Option 5. My choice for good ol’ Mr Mindful is Option 5: hand off editor’s letter to Heather, who’s an incredible writer, and serialize novel. (but after some retreat time for Waylon)