Earth Hour – Boulder, Colorado

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Apr 4, 2008
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Even though Boulder is a cradle of so-called green business and attitude, my camera didn’t record any lights going off for Earth Hour 2008.


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6 Responses to “Earth Hour – Boulder, Colorado”

  1. This makes me mad! So mad, in fact, that I’m going to do something! I’m going to start getting businesses and the community involved for Earth Hour 2009, and get the city of Boulder registered on the main Earth Hour website. If anyone chooses to help me please email [email protected] with ‘Elephant Mag’ as the subject.

  2. Julia Parr says:

    Before you get too disapointed in everyone, just know that many people were not aware of Earth hour. I just moved to LA from Boulder about 6 months ago and didn’t know about it. Now that I know…I will look forward to participating in the 2009 Earth hour. But I must admit, I will probably need a reminder as it approches.

  3. […] pretty stars alike are getting in on the fun. It makes us feel like part of the solution. I live in Boulder, Colorado, and we have a strong activist community, and we’re not even doing enough here. Earth Hour […]

  4. Cman says:

    I can’t wait for earth hour!! I will be turning on every appliance and light I have to support the insanity that is causing a select few to try and run my life. Thanks to all of you for shutting your lihgts off, more energy for me!!

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