Gore on 60 Minutes

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on Apr 3, 2008
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Al Gore: the man who’s powerpoint-as-movie won an Oscar and a Nobel and, more importantly, provided a tipping point for that thing we call ‘green’ that can safely be translated as ‘saving the world through countless little actions inspired by realization that unless we reverse course STAT the Himalayan icecaps and Greenland ice field will melt, causing rising sea levels, famine etc—making Katrina look like a pimple on Mother Earth’s butt.’


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2 Responses to “Gore on 60 Minutes”

  1. Waylon Lewis says:

    Brilliant blog post, Waylon. Thank you for your eloquence and generosity of spirit.

    Yours forever,


  2. alex says:

    Nothing like patting yourself on the back. But it is a nice video – better than you ever make!