April 9, 2008

What Food Really Looks Like


My mom used to be a commercial actress, so as a kid I spent plenty of time on sets, witness to all the manipulation that makes advertisements appear perfect. I remember one Dunkin’ Donuts photoshoot where the donut frosting was actually made out of toothpaste—because actual frosting was too runny to form the sugary crust the photographer and ad execs wanted. The model bit into the toothpaste-donut, turned to the camera and smiled in bliss—then, as soon as the photographer got the shot he wanted, she bent over a nearby bucket and spit it all out. Check out this German website, which contrasts the picture-perfect meals promised by packaging with the actual stuff inside. Grossed out? Reach for an apple, or cook up dinner at home tonight. When you make it yourself, what you see is what you get. ~ Heather Mueller, ed.

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