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Via Merete Mueller
on Apr 30, 2008
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As summertime approaches, it’s time to break out your world map and plan a vacation—or at least fantasize about planning one. Couchsurfing.com provides the perfect opportunity to break away from expensive, postcard tourism and experience a foreign city like the locals do. Imagine having 525, 691 friends with extra beds and comfy couches in 227 different countries and 40,302 cities across the globe, all waiting to show you around their favorite bars and clubs and cafés and parks and neighborhoods. If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll even get a chance to learn a bit of the local language. It’s also safer than the average hostel (each couchsurfer’s profile includes reviews from past guests they’ve hosted), and while the exchange rate tips out of America’s favor, the price is unbeatable (free!)No travel plans? Then why not give yourself a vacation from the same old, same old by hosting a foreign couchsurfer in your own home? While showing them around, you may discover new things to love about your hometown, and at the very least you’ll make a few pen pals.


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